Style up your bay window for that extra oomph

Bay window gets its name from its special design that projects out from the main wall if you have a look at it from the outer side. On the inner side, it creates an extra bay shaped space that adds a unique charm to a room. Besides extra space, a bay window has some more benefits such as giving a gorgeous view of the amazing surroundings and allows ample of day light in, thus, making a room bright and fresh.

Tips for utmost utilization of a bay window

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A bay window can be a rounded, polygonal, or rectangular, and each shape has its own charm and beauty. A bay window gives you ample opportunity to decorate it in a way that could make your entire room décor interesting, and to use that extra space in a, extremely functional and a stylish way.

Many people avoid adding these superb windows into their room décor – often with the misconception that they are too hard to decorate. It is a bit challenging but is not impossible so stop avoiding such a beautiful feature and let it make your room décor even more charming. Here are some tips regarding beautifying and using the extra space of a bay window efficiently and stylishly.

Window seat

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Having a nice comfortable seat besides a bay window is one thing many people do. The best seat would be a bench whose shape and width you can decide as per the space available and your requirement, put a soft cushion over it and throw some beautiful pillows and cushions over it. Sitting on it in the evenings watching the outside view, seems so romantic. You can add a good storage capacity so that it serves as an extra seating and storage altogether.

Do not try to over accentuate

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A bay window as it is has a superb aesthetic and architectural appeal, so trying to over accentuate it will only make it look messy. Best way is to keep your bay window free from curtains. Blinds or any other covering if there is no privacy issue. If privacy issues prevail, then cover up your bay window with a classy rolling or Roman shade but try to avoid Venetian blinds.

Choose light shades and blinds

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Bay windows have a special purpose to perform, i.e. to let ample of sunlight in. You get a bay window in your living room and then you always keep it covered behind heavy curtains, shades or blinds. This mistake takes away all the charm and prevents it from letting in adequate sunshine during the day. You should choose lightweight fabric curtains such as sheer fabric, pleated blinds, and light shutters and rollers to cover a bay window without affecting its beauty and purpose.

Shutters are ideal options

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It is not that blinds or curtains will not look good on a bay window but shutters are ideal for windows with unique shapes, just as a bay window is uniquely shaped. Shutters fit in the space so aptly that none other window treatment can in the case of a bay window. Depending upon your taste, the existing room décor, and the outer surrounding of your bay window, you can choose from a variety of shutter types.

Placing well-designed and apt furniture

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You must know that not every piece of furniture can go in front of your bay window. You cannot simply pick any couch or a sofa and place it against a bay window, or else it will eclipse all beauty and charm of a bay window. You must always pick a simple furniture piece to keep against it and it should not overlap the base of the window.

Bay windows are the windows with unique shapes that are meant to enhance the beauty of a room décor and to enhance the natural light coming in. Besides adding a charm to a room décor, they add extra space to a room.

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