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Easy to follow vignette decoration tips for your home

Not many of us might have heard about the vignette style of decorating homes. In a nutshell, vignette refers to grouping interesting objects together and displaying them in appropriate places in your home. This grouping may consist of the same kind of objects like homeware pieces or may contain different objects of interest like flowers, photos, art, craft, mementos and natural elements, etc. Vignette can allow you to create small scenes in your home with your favorite décor pieces. But how do you do it in the first place? Here are some tips to help you out here.

Choose the space for the collection

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The first essential step to vignette style of home décor is to choose the place where you want to arrange the objects. Good choices are nightstands, entry tables, end tables and even mantels. Once you choose the place for the collection, go to the next step of deciding what needs to go on the display case and what needs to be omitted.

Make sure there is a light source nearby

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Arranging the collection in a dark corner that does not receive much light will be of no use. The effect of your vignette will be lost as well. So make sure there is a light source nearby to highlight your collection nicely. A lamp as part of the collection can also do the job.

Choose objects that complement the theme of the room

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This is a very important step in arranging a vignette collection. You will need to choose objects that complement the integral theme of the room they are to be placed in. For instance, if the room follows a modernistic theme, a collection of objects following a rustic theme will not work out.

Pick an anchor object

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The vignette collection will need to have one object as the anchor based on which the rest of the collection needs to be displayed. This anchor object will also denote the theme of the collection. It can be anything from a lamp or mirror to an artwork that will ground the rest of the vignette and act as the focal point of the collection.

Use color in the vignette

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You will want to choose appropriate colors that coordinate with the colors already present in the room, or at least the dominant color. Adding color will make your vignette collection more vibrant instead of simply merging into the background like any other décor piece in the room.

Work from back to front

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This creates depth to your collection instead of making it look bland. Start the layering from the back with the anchor piece and slowly move forward by arranging the other objects according to their height. Change the arrangement a couple of times until you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Choose to display in odd numbers

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A vignette collection offers maximum impact if objects of the same size, shape and color are placed in odd numbers in the group. Objects in groups of three or five tend to have a better visual impact on the eyes. If you are stuck with an even number of similar objects, try pairing them up with the object that relates to them in the group to make the number odd.

Choose to vary the texture

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Don’t stick to the same texture of objects for the vignette collection. There needs to be a balance established between different textures for a better impact. Accordingly, mix shiny accessories with hard, rough ones. Introduce weathered wood and steel into the same collection. And play around with a lot of other textures before choosing the final pieces that go on the table or display case.

The vignette style of decorating a room refers to placing together objects of interest in a cluster in a space. The style can be easily adopted in your home with a few simple decorating tips that show you the best way to follow this style of home décor.

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