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Eight Easy Packing Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet

EasyPacking Tips for Your Smoothest Move Yet

Moving houses is just like driving a long distance through different landscapes or getting a tooth pulled out for the first time. It is something that a person experiences at least once in their lifetime. It is sometimes exciting, but most of the time, it is nerve-wracking.

But, of course, the success of relocation entirely depends on proper planning and avoiding silly mistakes to make the process as seamless as possible. Luckily, and likely because homeowners end up moving homes at some point in their lives, there are tons of tried and tested moving tips out there that make the entire process a whole lot easier.

In the end, different homeowners will have particular moving concerns and needs like safely moving delicate heirlooms or wood furniture or packing kitchenware. However, in most cases, efficient packing makes everything less stressful and hassle-free. With that in mind, let us look at some practical tips that will allow you to make your move as smooth as possible. So, without further ado, some of these tips are listed down below.

1. Cut back on the clutter

Packing all your belongings and items into bags and moving boxes can be pretty stressful, let alone overwhelming. However, you can make the packing process a little easier for yourself by getting rid of things you no longer need. After all, the less you have to pack, the less you will have to stress about.

So, before you grab a couple of moving boxes and fill them to the brim, do yourself a favor and purge of unnecessary or underutilized items. That said, if these items hold sentimental value, your best bet is to store them someplace safe and secure till you need them. In such a case, storage units are your best friend. They will provide you with a safe environment to store your belongings, ensure that you cut back on the clutter, and prevent yourself from burning out packing and transporting tons of items.

2. Pack your items and belongings ahead of time

As mentioned above, the more things you have to pack and transport, the more you will have to do when moving day comes around. That said, one of the best packing tips moving experts can provide is purchasing moving boxes and packing your items and belongings ahead of time. If you do this, you won’t have to pack too much stuff at the last moment. Not to mention, all you’ll need to take is a travel case that contains some daily essentials. After all, the less you’ll have to do on the big day, the better the likelihood of your move being seamless and less stressful.

Furthermore, another way to avoid moving blues is to purchase packing material in advance. Packing supplies like masking tape, staplers, blankets, bubble wrap, moving boxes, and containers are vital to securely packing your items.

3. Use plastic wrap for liquids

Moving liquid-based items to your new house will always be challenging as spills can happen and ruin all the stuff you’ve placed alongside them. However, one thing you can do to prevent spillage is to unscrew the caps or lids of bottles and containers and apply plastic wrap on their tops. Doing so will allow you to place these liquid-based items with dry items without worrying about unnecessary spills during transportation.

However, it would be wise to avoid placing these liquid-based items with other stuff altogether, especially if this other ‘stuff’ is valuable. So, fill up a separate moving box with liquid-based things only while keeping them away from other stuff like furniture or clothes. Doing so will prevent unnecessary damage during transportation.

4. Photograph everything

If you’re disassembling furniture, it will be best to take before and after pictures to know their placement inside your old home. But, who knows, maybe you want to keep your furniture arrangement the same as you had in your old house. After all, many homeowners want their new homes to look and feel the same as their old ones. So, having the exact furniture placement makes them feel right at home.

Also, if you hire professional movers to help you with the relocation process, then taking pictures of your belongings will enable you to see if your items are damaged or if anything goes missing during the transportation process.

5. Always place kitchenware sideways

If you want to avoid breaking kitchenware like bowls, mugs, plates, and much more, always place them sideways inside moving boxes. Moreover, take some extra precautions by stuffing these moving boxes with a lot of packing material like bubble wrap or padding. Doing so will enable you to prevent breakage when things are move and jostle around during transportation. After all, your movers won’t care about the things you’ve placed inside moving boxes. As a result, they will throw these boxes around, so it is your responsibility to look after your belongings.

6. Ask your mover about special crating

If you’re transporting expensive artwork, you need to pack it as securely as possible. For instance, you must never pack oil painting in ordinary paper as it will stick to it. In fact, if something breaks or rips, you will have to spend tons of money to have your artwork repaired. However, if you want to keep your artwork out of harm’s way, then consider talking to your movers about special crating.

With its heavy internal padding, special crating will provide your expensive artwork with the protection necessary to survive the transportation process. Sure, the service will cost you, but it will be nothing compared to the costs you will have to bear if your expensive artwork gets damaged.

7. Use your suitcases to your advantage

Suppose you’re a homeowner who travels regularly. In that case, you will likely have a couple of extra suitcases lying around your house, especially the wheeled kind. While these suitcases help you transport your stuff when traveling, you can also use them to store and transport items during your move. After all, bending and constantly picking up moving boxes will give you backache that you could have easily avoided.

8. Inventory all your items and belongings

When you’re moving houses, you always run the risk of leaving a few items behind. When you do, it will lead to unnecessary stress and headaches. However, you can easily avoid such stress and headaches by taking inventory of all the items and belongings you wish to move to your new home. Similarly, doing so will enable you to remember the location of every item inside every moving box, making unpacking child’s play. 


Relocating to a new house is an adventurous as well as a time-consuming experience. After all, when you move, you get one step closer to starting a new life. So, wouldn’t you want to start it off on the right foot? Probably, yes! So, ensure that you do everything you can to minimize the stress and hassles related to moving. When you do, you will see that moving is all about preplanning everything, whether you’re searching for the right movers or looking for online packing tips! And an easy way to do so is by following the packing tips mentioned in this article.

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