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Eight electric cooktops for clean and green cooking

Electric Cooktops

Induction cooktops are becoming more and more popular these days. Many manufacturers are producing different kinds of electric cooktops by considering the requirements of the customers. If you are planning to buy one of these, read through the review of eight electric cooktops for clean and green cooking.

1. Leonardo Classico Fulgor

Fulgor electric cooktop

This special design of Fulgor cooktop is from the line of Leonardo Classico. The cooktop is meticulously designed and built in Gallarate. The cooktop incorporates the award-winning Wing Desgin control panel from Italy and the FulLight heating technology. The technology is responsible for the reliable, quick and even distribution of heat resulting in consistent cooking. The cooktop is steel trimmed and offers 5 zones that come with sharp precision controls for the heat. The front right and the rear left elements are 6 inches and 1.2 kW, the front left element is 9/5 inches and 2.5/1.1 kW, the rear right element is 7 inches and 1.8 kW and the center element is 11/8 inches and 2.7/1.8 kW.

2. Jenn-Air electric cooktop

Jenn-Air electric cooktop

If you enjoy grilled foods, then buy the Jenn-Air electric cooktop because you can enjoy a lot of grilled dishes with the modular downdraft cooktop. The Expressions collection features an assembly with Energy Saver grill. It comes with an Excalibur non-stick and grill grate finish. There is a built-in ventilation system too. There are two open bays that accept Energy Saver assemblies of the grill, element coil cartridges or the radiant. Other features of the cooktop include backlit control and infinite surface settings, downdraft ventilation with variable fan speed and 2.8 kW grill and linear pan. The downdraft cooktop can be easily installed in any place in the kitchen. It also comes with tempered glass cover for the grill.

3. Gaggenau CE 490

Gaggenau CE 490

The ultra slim cooktop is just 36 inches wide and 13.5 inches deep. It transforms your kitchen with innovative design and features. Built in stainless steel, the electric cooktop CE 490 pairs well with the Gaggenau ventilation table and fits well in the standard depth of the kitchen countertop. There are 4 cooking zones that are clearly marked on it. The cooking zones can be operated with removable and maneuverable Twist-pad control. The cooking zones are placed ergonomically increasing the efficiency of the kitchen. A magnetic knob is used to control the cooking time, output level and select the cooking zone. The super-quick cooking zones provide you with the best cooking performance along with flexibility.

4. Caldera Dial 2000

Caldera Dial 2000

The new series of cooktops come with innovative features and state of art settings and controls. They feature the Microcycling technology for responsive and steady heat. This makes them comparable to the Calderr cooktops with gas in terms of the functionality and ease of use. The console can be used for precision control from 22.7 – 2,5000 w. There are 44 temperature settings and a 99 minute timer for every burner. It has a special and attractive shape. It may cost you around $1,395.

5. Electric cooktop by Teka

Teka GKST 90 DBM Profi

The special cooktop comes with a versatile design and features like a timer, Keep Warm function, minute minder, Stop and Go button, parental controls etc. There are five cooking zones in this cooktop. The safety features included in the cooktops are residual heat indicator, electric circuit sensor, auto shutdown etc. The total power of the cooking zones is 9.4 kW.

6. Thermador CES304FS

Thermador CES304FS

The compact and stylish cooktop CES304FS comes from the Thermador Masterpiece series. It is a 30-inch cooktop with special retractable sensor, the Sensor Dome. In order to maintain the exact temperature the infrared beam continuously measures the heat of the cookware and cycles the burner automatically. If you want to take advantage of the design, use the existing enamel cookware. You can also attach stickers to some of your non-enamel cookware and use them. The stickers make them dishwasher safe. The cooktop has stainless steel frame, indicators for hot surface, trapezoid control for design and auto shut off to set the desired time for cooking.

7. Sunpentown Induction Cooktop

Sunpentown Induction Cooktop

The state of art cooktop from Sunpentowm provides amazing performance with its gas-burner like temperature. It is more safe and efficient than the normal cooktops. It comes with different temperature settings from low to very high and 9 levels. It also features separate settings for warming and cooking functions. The cooktop measures 11.81 x 2.68 x 13.78 inches. It uses about 260-1200 W with adjustable settings.

8. Millennia Electric Touch Top Cooktop

Millennia Electric Touch Top Cooktop

The Millennia Cooktop has come up with stylish design and high performing features. It features quick heat response, powerful controls for durability and accuracy. The sleek cooktop has a scratch resistant surface made of ceramic glass top, glass touch controls, safety lockout and raised ventilation. The cost of the cooktop is about $1,670.