Elegant design meets function in the Volée lamp

The new range of devices we get to see today come with some pretty impressive features and functions that may very well give us the impression of living in the future. One such device or rather, home utility item that has been gaining a lot of attention on this front is the Volee Table and Wall Lamp. Designed by OdoFioravanti, this lamp may very well be the stuff things are made of in the future.

Design Features

Volée lamp 4

Volee in its entirety is a reflection of evolution in both personal and professional lifestyles. It is also a reflection of the changing needs of people and their requirements. The body of the lamp is made of extruded aluminum while the head and joints are made of die cast aluminum. The lamp also features mechanical wires made of steel.

It comes with a base to be used on tables, a clamp and a wall mounting that could be used with the body. It is available in four color variations, including light grey, anthracite grey, white and fluorescent yellow.

Salient Highlights

Volée lamp 1

The highlight of Volee is not its design alone, but its impressive functions. The lamp can be switched on merely by waving your hand underneath the head of the lamp, as in the case of a tennis style gesture.

The wave of your hand will be caught by an inbuilt sensor which would then trigger an electronic device. This device would, in turn, switch on the light automatically, with the same principle used for switching off the light as well.

In addition to this, a touch sensor located over the head of the lamp offers four levels of intensity for the flow of light (0%, 40%, 60% and 100%). An inbuilt new gen LED board emits a soft light, the intensity of which can be adjusted according to individual needs. Another inbuilt Time Out system monitors the lamp and switches it off automatically after 5 hours of being switched on. The lamp comes with a multiple plug, ballast on cable, black power cable and a plug.

Design Inspiration

Volée lamp 3

The Volee lamp owes its rather creative design to creator OdoFioravanti who studied Industrial Design, worked as an Industrial designer and then launched the OdoardoFioravanti Design Studio. Odo is known to combine several design areas onto a single large canvas in order to come up with continuous matter that is both striking and functional. His works and designs have been featured in several international exhibitions, and have also won several international design awards.

Designer OdoFioravanti has created a striking table/wall lamp called Volee. In addition to boasting of a unique design, the Volee lamp can be switched on and off with a mere wave of the hand.

Source : Fontanaarte.Com

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