Elegant pillow design ideas for warm bedroom schemes

Pillows are the heart and soul of bedroom décor. Being
the focal point in a bedroom, they can be either statement making or theme
setting. Here are some elegant pillow ideas for your luxury themed bedroom.

1. Satin pillows

With embroidered lace and ruffle detailing, classic satin
pillows cannot be bested in terms of elegance.

2. Lace edged printed

If you love the look and feel of lace, you can use pillows
with lace edges in the same color or print as the base print of the fabric.

3. Faux fur pillows

Faux fur pillows add color and warmth to bedrooms in the
wintertime and add a great mountain cabin look to bedrooms with wooden

4. Classic silk

Nothing beats the classic silk pillow look. Combined with a
duvet and sheets in the same fabric, these create an aura of luxury in your

5. Gold leaf
embroidered pillow

To add a splash of elegant color to your bedroom scheme, a
gold leaf embroidered pillow could be an ideal companion to your spanking white

6. Ethnic pillows

Autumn and winter theme bedroom decors are usually quite
limited in the color palette they use though the monotony of the warm neutrals
can be broken with the use of pillows with ethnic prints on them.

7. Metallic pillows

Give your contemporary themed bedroom décor a punch of
glamour with metallic pillows. If you aren’t comfortable with the stimulating effect
that such a color can produce, you can always opt for metallic detailing on
silk pillows instead.

8. Fringe pillow

For a southern touch, look out for pillows with exaggerated fringe
detailing though you might do well to avoid a tassels if you are looking for an
understated look.

9. Velvet pillows

Adding darker colors to warm neutrals isn’t rocket science. But
if you want to break the all-silk texture of your elegant bedroom set, you can
use bold velvet pillows for a powerful effect.

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