Eyelet Curtains: 10 Most Stylish

Serving a number of purposes, the usage of a curtains varies according to an individual’s preferences. Making its way into our homes, apart from the conventional ones, eyelet curtains have certainly caught attention of several eyes. What makes these so unconventional? These feature metal edges holes on top which makes installation very easy. Eyelet curtains flow till floors & have soft pleats, which run vertically through the fabric. One curtain rod is usually inserted into the holed area, by which these get suspended, either on window panel or on doors. Let’s have a look at some of the most beautiful eyelet curtains that we have chosen for you.

1. Tesco Plain canvas
PRICE : USD 233.25

This simple beauty makes a strong statement, just by its mere appearance. The plain canvas which adorns this curtain, comes in a taupe color. Also, it features a beautiful eyelet design, which further makes it easier to hang. Cotton has been used in a detailed manner to provide a more simplistic look to these unlined curtains. It’s easy to wash, by hands as well as in machines.


Plain, minimal design makes it one of the most elegant curtains available.

Easier to hang.
Easy to wash.

2. Hydrangea Print

Imagine a curtain suspended on your window panes or doors, appearing seemingly attractive and gorgeously designed! Hydrangea Print Curtains promise to fit in to the most of your aesthetic expectations, in a befitting manner. The color, material, texture, everything looks too resistive for a curtain. Try this richly designed curtain for your home, office or anywhere else, it would definitely make your interiors score a few more points in a comprehensive manner.


The neatly featured floral designs are one of the most centrifugal features of this curtain, stealing the whole show.

Seemingly attractive and gorgeously designed.
The color, material, texture, everything looks too amazing.

3. Tesco Poppy Print Unlined

This marvelous curtain decorated with charming poppy flowers is easy to hang and it comes in red poppy designs. It’s made of 100% pure cotton & the cleanly printed fabrics are easy to wash, even at 40 degrees of heat. Tesco has been one of the pioneers in producing some of the most exquisite curtain designs & this poppy print unlined designed curtain holds enough water to occupy a much deserving space at your home.


Splendid & bright red poppy designs along with fine quality material make this curtain one of the must haves for your home.

Easy to hang.
Easy to wash.

4. Colours by B&Q Morgan
PRICE : USD 54.56

If you have an eye for colors, then this bright and gleaming curtain is a sure shot to make you pause for a while. Presented in rich, dark and deep colors, this curtain is worth a shot. With holes carefully engraved, you can have it placed anywhere. Its gorgeous design will surely fit in to every area of your room. This curtain has a length & width of 137 cm on both sides, which is expansive enough to cover the required areas in a comprehensive way.


Its deep dark & rich color provides a good impression.

Surely fits in to every area of your room.
Expansive enough.

5. Tesco Chenille Stripe Lined
PRICE : USD 58.27

Tesco Chenille Stripe Lined eyelet curtains appear distinctly pretty in a pair of red, easy to hang that feature a contemporary chenille stripe design. Some of its features are:

Material: Curtain- Chenille: 100% Polyster, Tafeeta- 55%, Polyster, Taffeta-55%, Polyster 45% Nylon, Lining: 80% Polyster 20% Cotton.


Cherry red colors along with fine quality materials make it a curtain of quality.

Distinctly pretty.

6. John Lewis Ambassador
PRICE : USD 54.59

John Lewis Ambassador, a well known name amongst curtains is here to provide you one of the best and most beautiful curtains, you can own. This charming piece emanates a beautiful mix of golden and fire color, which further enhances its beauty. The curtain border is composed of 65% cotton & 35% viscose, while the lining is made up of 50% cotton & 50% polyster. The material used is 52% polyster and 48% nylon, which renders enough flexibility and strength to its composition.


The bright golden color along with neatly woven rolls do lend a classic touch to this curtain.

Beautiful mix of golden and fire color.
One of the best and most beautiful curtains.

7. Tesco Peony Print Unlined
PRICE : USD 46.6

Tesco rolls out this immensely beautiful curtain which features a pair of unlined features. It comes in a bold, modern, green pony print which make it suitable for using it anywhere in your house. Also, the eyelet makes these sleek curtains quite convenient to hang. It is made up of 100% cotton, and is 100% washable in machine.


Simple and elegant design which makes it a versatile curtain, fit to take space anywhere in your house.

It is made up of 100% cotton.
100% washable in machine.
Convenient to hang.

8. Mink Velvet Ripple
PRICE : USD 77.64

This alluring curtain stands out as one of the most beautiful curtains that your house can ever adorn. This curtain comes with some of the features which should be in correspondence with pole dimensions. This curtain comes in three lengths: 137 cm, 183 cm & 229 cm.


Mink Velvet feature makes it one of the most uncommon amongst all curtain designs available.

Stands out as one of the most beautiful curtain.

9. Teal Floral Flourish Flock

Another beautiful curtain which you can use in detailed manner to decorate and beautify your room. This curtain is ready-made and comes in three lengths: 137 cm, 183 cm and 229 cm. You can bring this curtain home if you have a refined aesthetic sense.


Rich floral designs stand out as one of the most distinctive features of this curtain.

This curtain is ready made.

10. Orange Pleated
PRICE : USD 93.22

One of the simplest, yet appealing and elegant designs to be seen around. This curtain will appear on your wish list, if you love to decorate and design the interiors of your house without that extra edge of flamboyance. It’s mainly sold in pairs and comes in three lengths: 137 cm, 183 cm and 229 cm, with strands of orange running parallel to each other, divided by white shade and two different colors on its exterior. This curtain is one heady mix of simplicity with sleekness.


The sheer simple look, which makes a statement without anything too flashy.

Simplest, appealing and elegant design.

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