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How to Face Energy Crisis and Save Power at Home

We have been taught to save non-renewable sources of energy as much as possible. However, not many of us are aware that saving energy is a task that we can start right from our home. Accordingly, here are some tips that would help you save power at home and do your part to help preserve the earth’s non-renewable energy sources.

 Turning off your computer

Switch off Computers

Most of us tend to leave the computer in a sleep mode when we are not working on it. Even though the computer would consume less power in the sleep mode, it would continue to consume power unless you switch it off. So make it a point to switch off the computer when you plan to stay away from it for more than half an hour or so. Again, make it a point to switch off the monitor and additional peripherals, as that would help you save power.

Clean and Defrost the Refrigerator

A dirty refrigerator would consume more energy to cool its contents. So clean and defrost your refrigerator regularly. Let hot food cool to room temperature before you keep it inside the refrigerator. Keep the refrigerator away from heaters and cookers as they would heat it up and cause it to consume more power, thereby reducing its efficiency.

Minimize Wash Cycles

If you use a washing machine to wash clothes, make sure you wash a full load rather than smaller loads multiple times. Reducing the number of washes would automatically save power. Also, ensure that you use the minimum required temperature to ensure hygiene. Another energy saving trip is to clean you washing machine with warm water regularly so that it cleans clothes faster, thereby reducing the number of wash cycles and saving power in the process.

Set Optimal Temperatures for Air Conditioning

Set Optimal Temperatures for Air Conditioning

Always choose the optimal temperature you would require for the air conditioner. Too low and too high temperatures would tend to reduce its efficiency. Clean the air conditioner and service it at least once in three months so that it runs efficiently using less power.

Choose Less Energy Consuming Lights

Compact fluorescent lamps tend to give off the same amount of light as other standard lights, but tend to use only a fraction of the power used by the latter. So consider changing the light bulbs in your home to CFL lights to save power.

Use Minimum Temperatures for Geysers

Do not leave your geysers switched on for long, as they would consume a lot of power. Always choose a minimum temperature that would be enough to heat the water. Keep a time intervals and switch off the geyser after that, so that you do not waste power.

 Opt for Wise Heating Options

Opt for Wise Heating Options

Rather than letting your heating system run for the entire day, consider reducing its load by at least one hour every day. Clean the vents and airflows regularly to remove obstructions that might cause the heater to work overtime and consume more power in the process.

Air conditioning in Cars

Make it a point to roll up the windows before switching on the air conditioning in your car. This would reduce the load on the unit to cool the car effectively, thereby reducing its power consumption greatly.


Here are some of the wiser ways in which you can save power in your home. In addition to reducing your energy consumption and saving you plenty of money in the process, these tips would ensure that you do your part to help the world recover from its energy crisis.

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