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Flexibility research can change the way a seat works for the better

Remaining seated for long is not a healthy way to live life. It can also cause several medical problems and issues with your posture. While a variety of research is done on this subject, we hardly see the applicationsin terms of creating new and supportive products. Instead, people keep maintaining such lethargic and inflexible routine that makes them sick and unhealthy. However, you can now see a ray of hope in terms of a new product that has shown the actual application of flexibility research. Let us tell you some more about this project.

What is les Schaises?

Les Schaises is a research project that has been presented in Milano Design Week 2016. This research project has been developed on seat flexibility and wellness. It has its basis as flexibility while seating that can actually bring a healthy change for people.The research has been applied on a seat and a unique and innovative product sprung up as a result.

The design and construction of flexible seat

Flexibility research (2)

The seat under this project has been designed to be flexible and highly functional. Thus, it is made using a high-quality wooden frame. The seat on this frame is woven using a fabric with elasticity.Thus, it can accommodate a person in a flexible manner when he/she sits or jumps into it. The overall design of this seat is kept minimalistic. It is simple and lightweight. Still, it has a solid and sturdy base that makes it durable.

Benefits of the flexible seat

The construction of this seat is majorly done to avoid health issues related to inflexible seating for longer durations. While other stools and chairs are hard and tough, this seat is completely accommodative. When an individual sits, the elastic fabric stretches to make them fit comfortably and smoothly into the chair. It is also safe to be seated.

Moreover, its greatest benefit comes in the form of facilitating a good posture that does not lead to back pains or other health issues. The flexible seat does not even block your blood circulation. It helps in reducingthe passive inactivity of a person, as well as allows the passing of air. Thus, you do not feel sweaty. You can even use the space under this chair to arrangethings.

The flexibility project called les Schaises has resulted in a beautiful seat that takes care of a user’s multiple health issues. It is done by making the seat flexible and the structure sturdy.

Source : Smarin.Net

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