Are you showing signs of a home decoration addiction?

Ever been called a lunatic by your family or friends when it comes to the home décor department? Find yourself incessantly trying to decorate and redecorate your home in addition to fretting about your design once you are done with it? Chances are you are addicted to decorating. Not sure? Well take a look at these rather common signs all decorating fanatics across the world share.

More Interest in décor magazines and shows than your own family


You have probably watched every single interior design show aired on television and scoured through every design magazine, grabbing the tiniest of details to perfection. While you will be spot on with answers for any questions asked from these areas, you will find yourself fumbling for answers when asked about your near and dear ones.

Downtime on Projects noted on Pinterest

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You see a home décor project on Pinterest and know you have to try it out at all costs. Regardless of how much it costs or how long it takes, you ensure you get the project done one way or another, even if the end result is nothing like what you saw on the website.

More Money on Décor, Not Clothes

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This is a sure shot indicator that you are a decorating addict. If your find yourself visiting interior design shops more than fashion outlets, and if you find yourself spending more money on home décor stuff than on clothes, you are definitely doomed to be a decorating fanatic.

Constantly Changing the House’s Layout

Blue vintage living room

You will never be pleased with one particular arrangement. Your mind will always have the pertinent question of ‘What If?’ running inside it over and over again as you keep changing things around in y our home over and over again. The cycle just never stops.

Immaculate Styling Corner for Corner

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You will never tire until each and every corner of your home is perfectly styled. It may take you ages to complete a room, but you will all up for it and ensure that there is not one single eyesore in the room once you are done with it.

Praying that Old Furniture wears away or breaks

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Decorating addicts get tired of their purchases rather quickly. If you find yourself looking at the old furniture in your home and wishing for it to just wear away or break, you are definitely a décor addict. Regret is also a part of your attitude wherein you end up regretting most of the stuff you bought. However, not the one to admit it, you silently wish for a reason to dispose of these objects without getting reprimanded for the same.

Hating those who use the décor

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You want everything to be immaculately perfect. Hence, when the time comes to entertain guests, you will always be on the lookout for those who tend to use your décor too much. You will be on your toes, ready to pounce in on anyone who leans on those beautiful cushions, props their legs on the sofa or lean against the wall with a glass of wine in their hands.

Never Satisfied with Decorating

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Your sole mantra when it comes to decorating your home is, “I’ll do this room today and then move to the other room tomorrow”. However, when tomorrow comes and all the work with the second room is done, you will look back at the first room and decide that it is not pleasing enough. This is another vicious, repeating cycle that sees you being never satisfied with your home décor, no matter how many times you redo it.

It’s not that hard to spot a décor fanatic. If your find yourself nodding to more than  a few of these and other similar instances, prepare yourself to be welcoming to the club of individuals who are addicted to decorating.

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