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FlexiTube: Lavish shelving strategy by Doris Kisskalt

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FlexiTube by Doris Kisskalt is a dual-purpose piece of architecture that displays the quality of both a shelf and a room divider. Its circular sub parts permit one to roll it to any corner of the house. Each tube gets its adhesive quality from its velvety surface. To make it useful as a shelf, each tube comes with a horizontal pane. To further enhance its look, the designer has accessorized it by using easy- care wool as its cover. Another addition to its design is its illuminating quality, which is the outcome of circular fluorescent lamps embedded between plexiglas panes.

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flexitube2009 4Eight different vibrant colors i.e. may green, bright orange, bright red, royal blue, mango red, bright grey, dove-colored and natural white, add it a touch of glamour. You need not worry about the space constraints. It comes in two different sizes having diameter 50 cm, depth 30 cm and diameter 40 cm.

Via: Architonic