FLUXO is truly smart lamp that changes colors

Luke Roberts Design has created a smart lamp that does a great job with ambient lighting throughout the day. Dubbed Fluxo Lamp, the exclusive lamp has the capacity to do all the color-changing magic, while casting light in various directions including specific corners of room and/or even ceiling.

Award Winning Design

The visually appealing lamp built with high quality material is made from anodized Aluminum. Powered with LEDs that are covered behind durable anti-glare diffuser, the lamp – made and built in Europe – has been awarded at the 2015 London Design Award.The lamp is both promising and offers every feasible home décor solution.


Resembling to a simple pendant lamp, Fluxo is an LED light fixture, which hangs from the ceiling. Color comes from 300 LEDs that can be programmed to follow specific patterns, and be coaed to throw light in certain direction(s) selectively. Fluxo even in maximum power uses the same amount of light as used by 200-Watt light bulb.


Supporting Smart learning, presence detection, click detection, Fluxo is designed to work as an integral part of Smart Home. The carefully engineered lamp with sensors and a future-proof Bluetooth wireless module can be easily updated with new features with the help of software updates. Thus, proving to be a futuristic lamp designed to work according to room light requirements and needs.


The pendant Lamp measuring 7.3 cm and 30 cm in diameter is a smart lamp that offers 2800 lumen RGBW light. The easy to install lamp includes ceiling mount that is designed to be compatible with any type of flat ceiling surface, and the universal power supply that connects to standard 110/220 V outlets.

Mobile Application

Provided with a companion mobile application that supports both iOS and Android device via Bluetooth LE, the owners get the chance to set device light according to personal preferences.


On crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the Fluxo lamp raised more than $350,000. Interested buyers got to support the design and buy the smart lamp for $400 an early bird option, where you get the world’s smartest lamp 45 percent below the expected retail price. Expected to ship by September 2016, in certain countries, the preliminary praise has already made it a hit among buyers and pledgers.

Fluxo is world’s first smart lamp with an award winning design that allows its owners to move light in any direction using simple palm gestures on phone.

Source : Techcrunch.Com

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