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Fly on the wall: Enjoy music in style

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Born from the frustration of not being able to play loud music on the laptop, the fly on the wall by Mark Murray is a space-saving stylish speaker system that stands haughtily on the wall of your living room, thereby letting you enjoy the music in style.

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Description: The fly on the wall speakers is based on a suction cup system-a 10mm diameter gel-filled rubber tube is wrapped around the edge at the back of the speaker and volume control, the speaker is pushed against the wall and the air escapes through a valve at the top of the speaker when it has been pressed down sufficiently the valve is closed using the dial. The gel in the rubber tube tries to push back to its natural state, causing atmospheric pressure, difference between the outside and inside of this ring causing suction. Each speaker has a heavy duty audio cable, to be plugged into its neighboring speaker or the volume control causing a tree of speakers to be created. The dial has of 2 led lights inside as the volume is turned up a spiral fixture moves inside pushing down mirrors in a see-saw motion and reflecting the light upwards, therefore as the volume is increased the number of bars on the dial light up.

What’s different?
Stylish speaker system that lets you enjoy your favorite music that too without asking for large space to be placed, is something really unique in itself! It stands smartly on the wall of your living room thereby making you feel the proud owner every time you listen to music and watch the fly on the wall!

Thanks Mark Murray!