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Fukushima Plate detects your food’s radioactive levels

fukushima plate

From a tragedy always entails a lesson, to be learned and to be spread. We are referring to the earthquake in Japan in March 2011 because of which radioactive leakage has become a major concern. The Fukushima Plate is a security concept in itself, as it houses a built-in radioactive meter to visualize the food’s level of contamination.

Radioactivity can spread and cause damage mainly through food chains and so this conception helps in detecting the level of radiation in the food on the plate and thus helps one to stay one step ahead of danger.

It also deems to have a feature, which enables one to alter the limiting value (which is the official limit of radiation level as sanctioned by the government or health authorities). The set limit then becomes the standard for comparison between low or high radiation.

When there in no increased radiation, the OLED rings remain off, while one ring illumination means slight increase but no reason for alarm. But with two glowing rings, the health factor of the food gets undermined and with three, the dish crosses our set limit, declaring the dish unsafe and inedible.

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