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Gear clock shows time along with the working mechanism

modern gear table clock 1

Well, clocks have been part of our day-to-day to life from ages. They have made appearance in different shape and makeup, from large to small. But, here is a clock that will take you through the mechanism of its working. Modern Gears table clock is a beautiful work of gears that keeps you close to time. It is made of high quality plastic and metals, which includes the gears of motor parts. The analog clock takes us back to the olden era when clocks where just invented, and they actually depicted time, as well as showed the working of clock.

So does this table clock does. The clock looks cool and elegant and at the same time shows how your hour, minute and second hands work. The clock just for $39.95, can make a great addition for your home, or for your friend who love to keep themselves surrounded with something unusual.

modern gear table clock 2

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