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Sleek and elegant Green Neon Resin aluminum lamp

gren neon lamp
This is one of the unusual and remarkable lights that I have ever come across. Green Neon Resin aluminum lamp from Ephemeral Dimension, is a unique light that is refined through the delicate stage of making neon bulbs. The sleek shape of the lamp is an original resin structure that curves miraculously out of the base to form an organic pipe-like shape. The green neon bulb is eternally encapsulated inside this pipe shaped structure. The base is a hand crafted aluminum box, and the entire making takes an overall time of about 6 to 12 months. Mount it vertically, or keep it under an overhanging counter, the lamp simply makes an amazing centerpiece for a room. $1,200 is a pretty expensive price for this bulb, if you would really love to keep one.

gren neon lamp1
gren neon lamp2

Via: Etsy