Get more security with these biometric protection systems for your home

How secure is your home when you are outside? Who is guarding your paradise while you are away? These are questions that can now be answered with the help of smart appliances. Big names, big features, and a compact and chic look, biometric lock systems have replaced classic locks in modern homes. Smart features that put them miles ahead of the conventional lock systems, keyless locks provide full-proof smart security of your home.

  1. Ultraloq Smart Lock

Ultraloq Smart Lock

This biometric lock provides you entry into your house with just two knocks on your phone. Designed with what the manufacturers say is a Real Keyless system, Ulltraloq can be used in multiple forms. You can integrate it with your phone to open the door with two taps, you can also enter a manual code key into the system to unlock, or you can set it to fingerprint scanning.

With its advanced fingerprint identification system, it can enroll up to 95 fingerprints to its system. The scratchproof, dustproof and waterproof sensor can identify your fingerprints within 0.5 sec. An anti-peep password means that no one close to you can now judge your password by looking at the digits. Users can type any string of random number and the door will open as long as the correct key has been embedded in the string of numbers.

  1. Nucli Smart Lock

Nucli Smart Lock

Westinghouse Nucli performs so many amazing functions that calling it a lock seems unjustified. This tiny gadget has a flagship fingerprint scanner, a 170-degree FOV camera so you can look at the image of who is at the door, PIR Motion sensors allow you to be alerted if anyone is lurking outside the door.

It has a noise canceling technology integrated with its microphone and speaker assembly so you can talk to the visitor about information before opening the door. The gadget allows you to view and talk to visitors from your smartphone. If you do not answer a voicemail can be left which you can retrieve from the gadget or your smartphone.

The gadget is multilingual and provides you full support in five languages so you can program it as you like.

  1. 90K Smart Lock

90K Smart Lock

This lock is a compact device that fulfills all your needs in home security and locking systems. With a high definition video camera, microphone, and speakers, each time someone knocks on your door, you will be notified via a video call on your smartphone.

On accepting video request from the smart lock, you can view and talk to the visitor from wherever you are. If you wish to open your door a simple click or entering the password will do the same, you can also choose to cancel the request on your phone. Abandoning the concept of keys completely, this lock brings you complete monitoring of your house right on your device.

  1. Samsung Push Pull Door Lock

Samsung Push Pull Door Lock

Samsung’s fingerprint scanner works both ways so you can open or close your door by a simple push or a pull. With state-of-the-art fingerprint identification system that can store and recognize up to 100 fingerprints, the lock can also be opened using a 4-12 digit access code. It is powered by eight AA batteries and has an auto-awake mode with motion sensing to a range of 70 cms.

  1. Adel three-in-one biometric fingerprint lock

Adel three-in-one biometric fingerprint lock

This is a three-in-one lock that can be opened by using a key, a code, or your recognized fingerprint. It has a capacity of storing 120 fingerprints and performs fast identification. It is powered by batteries, and also has an external standby power-supply so that your home is never left unsecured. The lock has a low-battery warning alarm which will alert you to replace battery supply for continued use.

Biometric locks have gradually replaced the traditional locks. No more worrying about losing your keys, with these modern lock systems you have more than one way of opening your door. While most function on fingerprint and manual code entering, there are some that have remote access features through your smartphone or tablet.

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