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Getting furniture in action when redesigning a room

A lot of tend to think that renovating or redesigning a room simply has to do with repainting it and adding a few decorative items to the space. Most of us tend to leave out the furniture completely when redesigning a space. This often leads to an end result that does not please us at all. Hence, it is imperative that we take the furniture in the room into account when redesigning the space. Accordingly, here are 7 reasons that highlight why we need to do just that.

Furniture provides function and purpose

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The furniture present in a room will define the latter’s function. While this may not be evident in a home with clearly defined rooms, it would be visible in a studio apartment where the placement of furniture would provide each space with its dedicated function and purpose.

Furniture provides space

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Considering the furniture that would go into a redesigned room is extremely important and would depend on the available space. For instance, adding large pieces of furniture in a small room will make the latter look cramped while small pieces of furniture in a large, spacious room will make the latter look empty and barren. Hence, the right kind of furniture would dictate how much space a room would have.

Furniture dictates movement

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Here again, one would not be able to understand the flow of movement clearly in a home with designated hallways, pathways and rooms. However, in an open floor plan, the placement of furniture would determine the flow of movement. By placing the furniture in appropriate places in the room, you will be creating an invisible pathway for others to follow when they move about the room.

Furniture provides visual balance

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We may not realize it, but furniture actually provides visual weight or balance to the room. While stacking all the furniture in one end of a large room would offer a sense of added weight on that end, proper arrangement of furniture throughout the room will provide the latter with a balance that is both aesthetically appealing and truly functional. Combining larger pieces of furniture with smaller ones also offer a visual point of interest that would otherwise be missed out in the room.

Furniture supports cleanliness

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Although you may not be fond of installing wall shelves and storage racks while redesigning a room, we tell you why that would not be a good idea. Irrespective of the striking interiors your home boasts of, visiting guests are never going to be impressed if the surrounding space is scattered with clutter. This is where storage racks can come to your rescue. They act as the perfect hiding spots for this clutter so that at you would have a spic and span home no matter who drops in or when he/she decides to drop in. Furniture therefore, would support cleanliness by making your home clutter free and more organized.

Furniture impacts mood

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Did you know that the right kind of furniture in the rooms can actually have a great impact on your mood? Let’s take a small example to understand this better. Consider you have a small living room space in your home, your best bet would be to decorate it with bright colored furniture. Dark colored furniture would make the space look darker and smaller. The same goes for rooms that don’t get much sunlight. Choosing dark colored furniture for these rooms will make them darker as akin to light colored furniture that would make them look a bit brighter. Hence, the right color of furniture would have a direct effect on the mood of your home.

Furniture reflects your personal style

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And finally! The furniture in your home does a great job of reflecting your true personality. You can easily use furniture to project your unique sense of style to others around you.

While one may not give much importance to furniture while redesigning a room, it is imperative that you give equal consideration to the furniture pieces in your room before redesigning it. This way, you can ensure you end up with furniture that provides the room a sense of flow, a sense of balance, a certain mood and definitely an unmistakable style.