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Getting Track Lighting Right for Your Modern Home

Track lighting is a stylish versatile option for your home. Recessed lighting looks good but due to beams etc if you can’t install that, then track lighting systems is the solution for you. They can give you the same effect, are more flexible, come in a wide variety of designs and are always discreetly out of sight.

Tracks are used to power floodlights, spotlights, pendant lights and can be attached to ceilings and walls as called for by the demands of your décor. You could use tracks as accent lighting for your antiques and art. And you have the option to move your furniture and accessories with track lighting as it offers a lot of flexibility, while you’re redecorating or remodeling.  Read on for some tips on getting the lighting right for your modern home:

Track lighting for modern homes

Track lights have come a long way and are a far cry from the clunky heads and tracks of yore. There is a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors of light fixtures and as they can be easily installed. With so many sleek and sophisticated styles available, track lighting in fact could be a better option than recessed lighting for your modern home.

When track lighting can be used

Tracks are a most viable option when long runs are required which can be powered by 120V line voltage. Line voltage is used for long runs as the voltage drop concerns are the least. Concealed conductors help track systems run safely at 120V without shock risks. Most track systems are line voltage though low voltage systems are also available.

Tracks are easier to install if a room has an electrical box in the ceiling. If you want more illumination directed through the room, you could install tracks in your home office or older kitchen to direct right where you want it – into closets and pantries.

How to get track lighting right

Before installing track lighting, you need to keep in mind a few things:

Track Style, Accessories, Components and Layouts, Fixtures.

  • Track Style

Track lighting systems consist of different lengths available in different types – low or line voltage, two circuit or single circuit and straight or flexible. It’s important to take into consideration all these factors when you select track systems for your home. The voltage, adapter standard and manufacturer will determine which fixtures will fit with your system and this decides whether a system is appropriate to install in your home or not.

  • Accessories

You can modify your track fixtures by buying the right accessories. Lenses can be used to change the shapes of lights, for example, beam elongating lenses, spread lenses and honeycomb louvers. You can change the color using colored lenses such as color dichroic lenses and color lenses. Barn door accessory and framing projectors can be used to focus and direct light.

  • Fixtures

Before buying fixtures for your track system, check if they are compatible or not. You should go for fixtures which offer the same track standard as the track system, or check if the manufacturer is providing adapters with the help of the fixtures can be used with yoru track system. If you want to use a low voltage fixture with a track system which uses line voltage, you would require inline transformer, which would convert line voltage to the required low voltage.

If you want to highlight an artwork, buy a precision spot light and if you want general illumination, you should buy a pendant or flood light. PAR lamps, halogen lamps which are line voltage suit most applications and MR 16s can be used as accent lights. 

  • Components and Layout

Using straight track and flexible tracks, and varying track lengths and track connectors, you can create any layout. Your track system can be suspended from the ceiling or directly attached to it, depending on the track type.

In some places, you have to get building permits in order to upgrade your lighting, so you should check if you need one before buying. 

Track lighting is a convenient lighting option which fits many requirements of your modern home. It looks great and with thousands of combinations possible, there is no limit to creating the best possible combination for your home.

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