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Giuseppe Colarusso manipulates everyday objects to create thought-provoking images

Social media is replete with images of bad examples of
amateur photoshopping. As funny and distinctly horrifying as these images can
be, they are nothing more than a reflection of the growing vanity and the thinning
moral fiber of society. But that doesn’t mean that the software itself is evil
or that it cannot be used for good. In fact, artist Giuseppe Colarusso has used
photo manipulation to create a series of images that blend everyday objects to
create visual examples of metaphysical conceits.

The series of images is titles Improbabilita and the Swiss-born
Italian artist states that the purpose of making these images was to push the
beholder from being a mere passive spectator into an active thinker who can
spin a number of interpretations and stories around the objects and images
being displayed.

Even though the combinations of everyday objects in the series
is highly unlike, the artist claims that it isn’t impossible and that is
precisely what makes them so thought provoking and makes the spectator question
their functionality as well. 

Thus, we have images like the orange fitted with a
faucet with juice dripped on the floor in front of it, a single lens “pair” of sunglasses,
a cube of ice burning like a candle, a brown egg marked with the recycle sign, a
sink with no drain, a pair of dice that has shed its dots and many more such
examples all of which make one really sit up and wonder about what is and what
may be possible.