How to Give a Natural Look Your Home

Nature is the best therapy for our mental health. We all feel refreshed when we go into the lap of nature or when we are surrounded by natural things. A natural environment makes us feel stress-free and alive. However, it may not be possible to remain forever in natural surroundings. In our busy city lives, we can only replace a natural environment with natural things brought to our homes. While this can also heal us to an extent, it is nice to design our homes using natural things. Check out some ways to do this.home interior_ Potted plants

Use potted plants:

Placing potted plants in homes can bring us a fresh feel. We can use plants in multiple ways to decorate our house and add life to interiors. Potted plants also help us get rid of harmful chemicals present in the air. For example, a Spider plant is a good option to remove carbon monoxide present in our surroundings. You may also use an Aloe Vera plant that kills benzene and formaldehyde. Additionally, this plant can provide aloe gel that helps cure burns and cuts. Thus, potted plants not just add colors to our lives but also clear the air around us.

Give your kitchen the herbal touch:

If you think that natural things cannot be used to decorate your kitchen, then give it another thought. You can implement several ideas to design your kitchen in a natural way. One of these ideas is to create herb gardens in your kitchen. You may choose your favorite herbs or herb gardens, according to the size of your kitchen. Along with decorating your kitchen, these small gardens placed on your windowsill or table can provide herbs for your daily cooking needs.

living walls

Try living walls and natural fibers:

You can add amazing green living walls anywhere in your house. These not only add a natural element to your room, but also keep the air fresh and aromatic. If placed in a proper manner, such living walls can offer a stunning look to your place. You may also use moss tables in your living rooms. Another good option is to make use of natural fibers like unpolished wood, hemp or bamboo. These things make your settings feel warmer and neutral. Through such things added to your surroundings, you would get a feel like walking along a beach or on a woodland trail.

Use natural colors, lights and furniture:

You would have heard about color therapy. It is nothing but the natural effects of several different colors on your mind. To remain calm and healthy, make use of natural colors in your house’s design. For example, use green color if you like foliage and plants or use blue color if you like sky and water bodies. Such colors added to your walls, objects, curtains or tables give you a soothing effect. Similarly, you may try using nature-inspired furniture or lights in your house. Many such decorative objects come in flora and fauna designs.


If you cannot bring nature to your house, then there is at least an alternative of bringing natural objects or things into your house. Such nature-inspired objects also give you a natural feel.

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