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Greek inspired décor to throw in some opulence to your space

Greek Inspired Home Decor

Greek decor is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also defines your dwelling as opulent and extremely elegant space to live in. Soothing and nature inspired color palates, accent furniture pieces with dash of Greek glory, delicate flowing drapes and upholstery will bring the sophisticated and classic Greek charm to your dwelling. Here are some of the Greek inspired décor to throw in some opulence to your living space to transform it into a spectacular yet comfy abode.

1. Neutral shades on the walls: The color palate on the wall plays a significant role in highlighting or defining the personality of the house. Greek inspired decor is high on neutral shades. The off-white paint on the walls will provide you with an excellent and perfect foundation for the Greek decor. Off-white compliments all types of dwellings- traditional or contemporary and also adds a soothing yet classy appeal to the house.

2. White sheers: White sheers will accentuate the classy appeal of the house and will also allow light to come through the windows for the sunny, airy look of the house. You can also drape white sheer fabric to the curtain rods for framing the windows beautifully. Let the length of the fabric remain shorter on one side of the window, while the other side may fall and flow to the floor aesthetically. The white sheer fabric will add up to the elegance of the house, which is the key in the Greek inspired decor.

3. Accent with furniture pieces: Pick up furniture pieces with wooden, wicker or wrought iron base for the rustic, vintage charm of the Greek decor in your abode. A chaise lounge in the living and bedroom will accentuate the decor, while wrought iron tables with glass top will act as the perfect accent in your home with Greek inspired decor. The upholstery in neutral shades will bring in the opulent and regal Greek appeal. For bed, a canopy styled frame with sheer white fabric, draped over it, will complete the bedroom decor in Greek fashion. You can also add the splash of colors in the house with bright and eclectic shades of kitchen and bathroom rugs and linens.

4. Pillows: Add white decorative pillows to your bedroom and a mix of white with off-white to the living room furniture for an impeccable Greek decor. You can also add three or four pillows in exquisite shades of turquoise blue, sea green and sand color to your living room.

5. Greek inspired decor pieces: Column shaped stands for flowing houseplants such as, ferns are integral parts of the Greek dwellings. Ancient Greek and nature inspired decor in bring in the perfect Greek beauty and opulence to your house. Pick up the choicest of decor pieces and avoid cluttering the house with them. Add a gold colored bowl with fresh or fake fruits with a bunch of grapes spilling over to create a natural ambiance. Also, add fresh flowers in vases for the nature inspired Greek decor of your abode.

6. Add water element: Water element will surely throw some opulence in your abode. You can add the battery operated fountain piece for the water element and can enjoy the mesmerizing sound of water. Place it in the living room in one of the tables to compliment the decor.

7. Framed Images and structures: Hanging framed images of Greek deities will also accentuate the Greek appeal of the decor in your dwelling. Greek statues and busts will also bring in the opulence into the house as the filling decor pieces in bathrooms, living room shelves and also in the kitchen.