Guidelines for giving your home a makeover with Feng Shui

Storage spaces in a household are of tremendous importance, as they store things and help keeping a home organized and in a good shape. However, according to Feng Shui experts, a storage space can do a lot more besides making storage effective. They can release positive energies in home if planned according to Feng Shui guidelines.Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some best Feng Shui storage space guidelines you can consider:

Avoid choc full closets and drawers

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Completely full spaces block the flow of vital energy ‘chi’ in your home and in your life. For instance, that full file drawer of yours can block the flow of new business, a full bedroom closet can block your ability to attract a new relationship, full bookcase blocks flow of new information and knowledge, and so on. Therefore, you should make sure you leave 20 to 25% of space in every storage area in your home, so that nothing thwarts the flow of ‘chi’.

Storage spaces that have an oppressive effect

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If you have hooks on the back of your bathroom door and you use them to hang a summer-weight robe or PJs, it is perfectly fine. However, if you use those hooks to hang few extra towels and piles of terry robes then it is an absolute no-no according to Feng Shui experts. Doors open ways but such habits prevent doors from doing any good. Similarly, never hang hooks on the back of your main door and a bedroom door. In case, you have hooks there; make sure you never use them to hang stuff.

If you have storage units hung from the ceiling in your home, keep this tip in mind. Such storage units create oppressive energy that presses down on everything that comes beneath them. Such storage units can make you depressed, overwhelmed and anxious. A pot rack hanging over the stove in kitchen is bad, as it ‘weighs down’ finances. Some other storage spaces with a similar oppressive effect are shelves over a door, beside your bed or desk. They can lead to muddled thinking, headaches and make you feel exhausted.

Plastic storage boxes

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Feng Shui gives importance to functionality and to aesthetics as well. A very good example of this is storage such as an ice-cube tray or egg carton to store earrings and other jewelry pieces. It certainly is an affordable option but it looks cheap and also tends to drag your energy down. The better and a much pleasant looking option is a plastic storage box. They have no negative effect and look great, as they come in a variety of colors, types and styles.

Vinyl coated shelves

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Vinyl coated shelves on the inside of a door are considered to be ideal for storage according to Feng Shui storage guidelines. They allow you to store many small items in a neat and tidy manner but you should use them only on closet, cabinet, or pantry doors.

Under bed storage

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Under bed storage is certainly helpful but you should avoid it as per Feng Shui storage guidelines. You can use that space to store soft items such as beddings and winter clothing but never should you use it for storing sharp objects. In addition, you should never use that space to store exercise equipment and books and paperwork, or else you will feel exhausted, suffer from insomnia and like.

Closed display units over open spaces

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When it comes to displaying stiff on a room, you need to spare a thought. You should try to be a minimalist and not one who craves to display an entire collection altogether. To go by Feng Shui storage guidelines, it is better to invest in closed display units rather than open ones. If you crave displaying all your favorite items, ensure you do it turn wise bit never display all of them together. It makes the space appear cluttered that could make your life chaotic.

Feng Shui storage space guidelines make a storage space capable of storing things and releasing positive energy into the homes and lives of homeowners.

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