Effective remodeling ideas for a modern farmhouse kitchen

A farmhouse style kitchen is known for the focus it sheds on extended cooking spaces, natural lighting options and use of natural materials. Following an unpretentious design that stands out in just the subtlest ways possible, these kitchens are known for their laidback aura and the level of comfort they offer guests. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen along the lines of a modern farmhouse style, here are some ideas that can help you out.

Choose vaulted ceilings and wood beams

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Farmhouse style kitchens focus on vaulted ceilings complemented with large wooden beams. Get in touch with a builder to install wooden beams on the ceilings, ensuring that you don’t block out any natural light that streams in. This is the first step that goes into transforming your kitchen into a farmhouse style kitchen.

Choose natural materials for furniture

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Farmhouse style kitchens use natural materials for furniture, including tables, chairs and cabinets. Choose quality hardwood, preferably maple, pine, oak and cherry for these items. Pine in particular, offers a natural knotty appearance that can offer a down-home appeal to the kitchen.

Go for color-coded shelves

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Farmhouse style kitchens make use of bright colors for the shelves. Open shelves are considered a must for these kitchens. Color-coding the shelves in particular, can help for easy organization when it comes to putting away dishes after use. It will also add more visual interest to the cooking space.

Install a classic farmhouse sink

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A farmhouse style kitchen is never complete without a classic farmhouse sink. These sinks come with wide and deep basins and are usually made of stainless steel or porcelain. Since farmhouse style kitchens are accustomed to accommodating many diners at the same time, the sinks need to cater to the cleaning and cooking needs of the same.

Hang brass planters in the room

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Farmhouse style kitchens make abundant use of metals like steel and brass. Hanging brass planters at appropriate places in the area can offer the kitchen an aesthetic appeal. You can use the brass planters to hold herbs or spices like shallots and garlic, thus ensuring they offer a functional value rather than just visual.

Choose traditional canning jars

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Let the farmhouse design spill over to the containers, cookware and storage options as well. Rustic handles can complement flatware designs perfectly while mason and other forms of traditional canning jars can work great for storing spices and other essential items.

Use reclaimed wood

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Reclaimed wood can look great in a farmhouse style kitchen. The older the wood, the more rustic it will look and feel. Check out a local recycling center or maybe a carpentry store to see if you can get your hands on reclaimed wood for the tables, chairs and even cabinets.

Choose natural lighting options

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Farmhouse style kitchens leave abundant open space for natural light to stream into the space. Rather than sticking to artificial lighting options, choose to create some open spaces in the form of large windows and skylights. Opt to paint the frames of the window black in color to enhance the dramatic effect of the room.

Go withcommon farmhouse style fabrics for upholstery

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When choosing upholstery for the kitchen, use fabrics that are commonly found in a lot of farmhouse style kitchens. For instance, fabrics like toile, plaid and gingham are very common choices for a farmhouse style kitchen. Choose fabrics that feature historical faming scenes for more significance.

Add personal touches

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Don’t forget to add some personal touches to the kitchen near the end of the renovation. Vintage photos of old family members or cherished memories can adorn the walls while you can also use antique farm equipment or artwork to add visual interest to the kitchen walls.

Choosing a farmhouse style approach for the kitchen’s design is an option that requires proper planning and execution. In case you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, take a note of these essential elements that needs to feature in every farmhouse style kitchen.

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