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Handy Salt Meter lets you keep sodium intake in check

Nothing in the world tastes as hellish as something that has
too much salt in it. Unfortunately, the only way the saltiness of a dish can be
tested is through a quick tasting. For folks that are watching their sodium
intake to keep water retention or high blood pressure at bay, this isn’t exactly
a good situation to be in. 

So far, salt watchers usually get friends or family
to taste their food for excessive salt (presumably by making a puppy face and
saying “pretty please”) or go the snob route and ask the wait staff at restaurants
to ensure that the food they are ordering is prepared with the lightest amount
of salt.

But none of these are foolproof ways of keeping the terror
of salt at bay. But the good news remains that our wonderful old Japanese pals
Thanko have come up with yet another gem of a creation that could literally
help save lives (and figures). 

Unassumingly dubbed the Handy Salt Meter, the handy
thermometer like probe that can pick up the salt content in any kind of soup,
broth or gravy in less than a second. The probe is designed to withstand temperatures
as high as 140-176 degrees F which means that it won’t melt into your
fabulously hot curry when you try to see if it’s too salty.

The salt meter, however, doesn’t not return a reading of the
salt content in accurate figures though it does give an approximate reading of
a dish’s saltiness as a percentage of its volume. 

For example, and this is what
Thanko themselves have stated about the product, if you were to order a soup with
the serving size of 100gms (approx. 3.5 ounces) and the meter returned a
reading of 1%, it would mean that the soup contain 1 gram of salt. So, if you aren’t
good at mental math, you should download a calculator app on your phone if you
plan on bringing the device along with you when eating out. The Handy Salt
Meter retails for just USD19.80.