Hestan Cue a smart cooking system that will revolutionize your kitchen


In the smart home market, some products fulfill the real promise of what smart homes are meant to be. It makes us wonder what next can they come up with. While smart stovetops and induction burners have been revolutionized with smart home technology, it looks like now things are reaching an all new level with the introduction of Hestan cue smart induction cooking system. Curious to know why, read on and you will find out.

Cooking is now the piece of cake


One of the biggest challenges while cooking is to ensure that the dish is done perfectly. This unique system is idle for homemakers who have to take care of everything by themselves. Right from running to the grocery store, picking the kids up from school, and running around for different chores can take up a lot of time. What makes it worse is when you are a homemaker and a working person and you have to shuffle between your job and taking care of the home at the same time. This combo not just make it easy for you cook your food but it also saves the time that you spend in constantly monitoring your food.

A combo deal for anyone who likes to/has to cook

This combo deal comes with a pan and an induction burner as a set. The best part about this particular set is that both the products are enabled with the Bluetooth feature. To ensure that you do not end up overcooking or burning your food, the two of them have the ability to communicate with each other to ensure that the right temperature is maintained while cooking.

The smart pan and its smart handle


If you are wondering what is so good about the smart pan, then the answer to the question lies in its handle. The built-in sensors in the pan as well as the smart handle together make a hi-tech combination that makes cooking an easy task. The only one drawback about this pan is that you would need to wash it by hand and not put it in the dishwasher. This is because the whole idea and concept of the pan is to ensure that you have a foolproof cooking. Another highlight that deserves to be highlighted is the fact that this pan also comes with its own customized app, which you can install on your smartphone. Through the app, you can set the timer and even receive notifications about when you need to flip your food. You will also get to know if your dish is ready or not.

Let us have a look at the induction burner and its features

This cooking platform is equipped with the latest technology. During every step of the production of this induction stove, the company made it a point that this induction cooker burner truly stands to the entire concept of having a smartphone in your kitchen. The touch control, state of the art technology and elegant design all put together customize your cooking making it healthy, tasty and easy. Apart from that, it also helps control your energy consumption making it environment friendly. The heat produced while cooking is automatically adjusted so that you do not end up using too much of electricity which can result in higher energy bills.

A perfect option for people learning to cook

This advanced induction burner and fry pan comes with the special app that gives you all the recipes you need. It allows you to customize your settings based on the recipe that you choose and create dishes that you would have never thought would ever be possible for you. This is an ideal choice for people who are learning to cook. This is because you get all the necessary guidance you need. This gadget makes sure that you do not end up ruining your dish and putting your efforts down the drain.

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