The future of Samsung smart homes is a true blend of innovation and technology


When innovation and technology blend together the outcome is something amazing. The same is applicable for consumer products. With ever-growing demand of various smart home products, tech giant Samsung has also come out with its smart home products. The two new products that samsung plans to launch is an ideal combination of an innovative design and advanced technology. Let us get to know how these two unique products benefit homeowners and make their lives easy.

Samsung connect home also known as Mashable

This is the latest home router that the company is launching which comes with various connectivity options and the best of what IOT can give you. This router also serves the purpose of having a hub in your house so that you can run various smart home devices by configuring them accordingly. What makes this router so different is that you can create your own network of Mashable routers and combine all of them. These routers have the compatibility with networks like Bluetooth Low Energy, Z-Wave and Zigbee. Even the products that are compatible with the Philips High Light Bulbs and Smart Things are also compatible with the Samsung Mashable router. The official announcement of the release date is yet to be made by the company.

Samsung Connect is the next thing in store

Samsung Connect is the next thing that will be hitting the markets soon. This is the latest mobile app that has many similarities to Apple’s Home App. This app is also designed to handle the various devices that are compatible with it. Users can connect their devices and use them easily the as the hub receives the commands from the app through the mobile phone of the user. The only one twist in this front is that the devices have to be configured with the hub in order to control it.

The updated version of the voice assistant Bixby

The uses of the smart speaker from Samsung will soon have the benefit of using the voice assistant Bixby, thanks to the latest and updated version that the company plans to release. According to the predictions made last year, BI intelligence was planning to release a smart home speaker, which would prove to be a very tough competitor to the various Eco products of Amazon. If that happens, there are also chances that the device will be powered through the assistant. The best part is that the voice assistant is not just restricted to smartphone speakers and mobile phones.

Third party manufactures will play a vital role

In the smartphone sector, Samsung is part of the list and is known as one of the companies that have the largest number of devices manufactured. Every possible consumer product you can think of, from smart refrigerators to smart lights, there is a wide range of products available in the market that are manufactured by Samsung. The possibility is that with the launch of the updated version of Bixby, all the smart home products that Samsung manufactures will have the built in compatibility so that users can configure it with the voice assistant. Along with that, the company also plans to allow third party manufacturers for the hardware in order to ensure that their products will be compatible with Bixby.

The challenges are there without a doubt


Considering the growth of the smartphone sector, every company on its own is coming up with a variety of products, which fall under the same category. This clearly indicates that there will be a lot of competition, which will also result in the fact that there will be various challenges in store. No doubt, Samsung has its own standing in the market, and it has made a mark on the smarthome consumer products front. Still new challenges often come up and make the competition even more stiff.

Another factor that adds to the competition is the release of new technologies and furthermore the demand for products with the latest technology. Only time will tell what exactly lies in future but the one thing that we can be sure about is that the people who love the Samsung Smart home products surely have a lot to look out for when the company releases its new products.

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