Home automation require the implementation of a planned stage during construction – myth or reality

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Home automation systems are supposed to make our lives easier and promise a superior lifestyle that we used to enjoy. There are many smart home products that are available now, from appliances, entertainment and security systems which are all controlled by their smartphone apps or via a central hub. The central hub operates as the smart home controller. The question is whether you require proper planning for smart home products during home construction or whether you can install smart home systems after construction.  Read on to find out the myth or reality – how you can get smart home products easily installed, before or after construction:

Is pre-planning required during construction for smart home products

Foundation of house

There is of course, construction catering to home automation products, which may be enough later for the smart home systems that a home owner wants to install. You may also have to consider what you plan to do as they may become outdated by the time the home is constructed. This is because home automation products are updated all the time, and the technology is growing very fast.

Homeowners need to decide whether to adjust to the products they would have to install due to the planned stage, or whether to follow up with the vendors of the products installed and upgrade them. Many home owners find the process too expensive and drop the home automation project altogether. Some homeowners never activate the home automation products they had installed earlier.

Analysts are of the opinion that home automation which is planned during construction are products  that turn out to be less useful or of no use to homeowners. This is because people change or modify their gadgets etc after moving in their homes, according to the dictates of their new home and requirements.

But there might be certain steps which can be implemented during construction in order to install smart systems later. 

Construction catering to home automation products

During a house renovation or construction, you can ensure that you’re constructing a smart home. You can either install as many products as you want, or you may just want to future-proof your home for the items that you want to buy in future for your connected home.

You might be skeptical of the rosy picture painted of smart homes, and you may not be wrong. Replacing current appliances and other home products is expensive, and may not turn out to be good investment either. However, some smart home products are very different from Winks or Nests that we read about all the time. These products don’t require any knowledge at all, and work with products which you already have.

Don’t depend completely on wireless

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Install wired option for the internet while you’re constructing your home, as it  is still more reliable than wireless. If you have exposed walls, you can hide your cables before plastering. Run wired network cables to all rooms in your home. These wires (Cat6 cables or similar), are good for the internet as well as digital signals for TV.

Prepare for busy networks

You must check and use the best possible channel you can to repair for your Wi-Fi network as it may be busy or congested, There are a number of free software which can help you in this such as Windows and Mac OS X. You can also install boosters to create separate networks for your smart speakers etc. In other words, you can create mesh network/s to facilitate all your smart systems.  Using 5GHz and 2.4GHz signals, you can have as many access points to the net as you want.

Don’t worry about platforms

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You can choose any platform you want, just see that it would work with as many of your devices as possible. The big names as well as small entrants to the smart home systems industry are giving many options to users. Smart homes need not be expensive, you just have to follow your requirements. 

Proper planning for smart home products during home construction can help to a certain extent in automating your home. But as many smart products can be run through smartphone apps, apart from ensuring a wi-fi / internet connection, you can always buy/upgrade your smart gadgets whenever you want. So a planned stage during construction is not exactly a myth, but certain things like wiring make it a reality.

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