How to keep your bedroom clutter free

Bedroom is certainly the most intimate and relaxing space in your abode. Bedroom not only lets you start your day full of energy after a sound sleep, but also makes you feel comfy in your inner and private zone in the house. Since, bedroom is your intimate arena; it is also the space for all your personal belongings such as clothes, jewellery, books and many such items. With so many different items stored in the room, your bedroom is bound to look stuffed and cluttered, if not organised properly and smartly. Here we have given some tips to create smart storage to keep your beautiful den clutter free.

Open Storage

For a contemporary urban dwelling with limited space, open storages are the smart way to create space illusion. Use open storage such as shelves to display books or other items. Look for unutilised places to install shelves or you can also opt for the standing open shelf to keep your bedroom clutter free.

Go Up

Most of the time, the upper space on the top of the cabinets are unutilised. You can place open or closed cupboards for smart storage solutions, to keep your bedroom organised and clutter free. The shelves on the top of the tall cabinets will surely eat up a lot of clutter from the room. You can also extend the shelves to the wall area; however be reasonable as overdoing with shelves will make the bedroom look even more crowded.

Create a Work Space

Create a work space inside your bedroom by placing a slim table with drawers. This way you can take a lot of clutter off the cupboard and table top. Also, you can easily locate the work related stuff. Small items like pens, papers, envelops etc appear smaller; but can make a room appear messy and cluttered. Drawers will help you create a neat and clean table top for an uncluttered look.

Use Drawers

Drawers are certainly the smart way to keep the room organised by hiding away all the messy stuff inside the drawers. Keep a note of all the items stored in the drawers. Also, arrange different items in drawers in a logical manner to connect to each other. This will save you a lot of time spent in searching for the required item.

A dresser for Clothes

Dedicate one particular area in the bedroom to your clothes. You can hang your clothes or keep them folded according to the frequency of usage. Let all your clothes be confined to this area only, as this will be your dresser. This way you can save plenty of space for other items. Arrange your clothes in a particular order such as office wear, casuals, party wear etc. This will also make it easier for you to find a particular piece of cloth.

Bed Storage

Beddings and linens are the certainly the most heavy and space occupying items in your bedroom. The comforters engage almost half of the cupboard space in your bedroom. Bed storages come handy to store the big items. Utilise the storage beneath your bed and behind the headboard to make more space in the cupboard for other items.

Create Vertical Storage for Jewellery and Accessories

Jewellery and accessories are small but important items that require ample storage in your bedroom. You can create vertical storage on the wall with decorative hooks and hangers to create more space in the bedroom. However, for expensive and valuable stuff, it is wiser and better to lock them inside the locker.

Create Multi-Purpose Storage Areas

Multi-purpose furniture pieces create excellent storage to keep the room clutter free. Opt for low ground storage furniture as bedside tables. You can also use working table in the room for storing plenty of items. Accent furniture pieces with storage will take a lot of clutter off the shelves in your bedroom.

Storage Containers

You can also utilise storage solutions such as, boxes and plastic containers to store the items. These containers are available in various shapes and sizes, as per your requirement. Extremely handy to use, slim containers can be slipped under the bed to tuck away plenty of items for a clutter free appearance of the room.

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

If, you have large space in the bedroom, floor to ceiling shelves are also smart storage solution. The beautiful and well-organised shelves not only keep the room clean and clutter-free; but are also aesthetically pleasing. However, for bedrooms with limited space, floor to ceiling shelves will eat up all the space, making the room appear stuffed and crowded.

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