How to brighten a dark room


There are times when a part of our house may not have sufficient light or may look very dark. In such cases, the first question that comes in our mind is how to brighten a dark room. A dark room often makes us feel gloomy and uncomfortable; however, there are small things you can do that will help brighten the room. Through this blog, you will get a few easy and budget friendly ideas that you can use to make a room look bright.

The classic white wall will always work

classic white wall One of the easiest ways on how to brighten a dark room would be to paint the walls wide. A nice thick coat of white paint on the ceiling will lift the room immediately. Do not forget to pain the wooden beams since that way you can reduce the heaviness in their appearance.

Defuse lighting tricks and tips to brighten a dark room

Using ceilings and walls as a way to reflect the light is one of the ways on how to brighten a dark room. Opting for lighting fixtures, lamps and even spotlights will make a room look bright. Brighter light bulbs will also create the necessary impact. Higher lumens, LEDs and CFLs are much better instead of the regular light bulbs.

Accents of dark colors will blend in perfectly

Accents of dark colors

Given the fact that we are looking into tips to brighten a dark room, we cannot forget the accents. It is alright to give them a dark color provided you keep it to the bare minimum. By implementing a touch of dark colors in the room, you will find that room looks brighter thanks to the light colors.

Why not go for reflectors like mirrors

In dark rooms, placing mirrors is equally helpful. This is not only one of the economical ways to brighten a dark room; however, it also helps to make a smaller room look bigger. The best way to make a room look bright would be to use slimmer framed large mirrors.

Even the window treatment can make a difference

window treatmentAnother way on how to brighten a dark room is by choosing the right treatment for your window. Natural light is one of the best ways to make a room bright. Avoid choosing thick and/or heavy curtains or drapes so that you can make the most out of natural light. It is better to go for minimal options like roman shades or blinds so that you can get the privacy that you need without compromising on natural light.

Keep the furniture to the bare minimum

Since we are looking at different ways to brighten a dark room, the furniture is something we should not forget. Cumbersome and heavy furniture can make a room look overwhelming. This in turn also makes the room look dark and overstuffed.  Light and sleek lines or legs are much better than chunky pieces of furniture. While opting for colors, instead of choosing dark and bold prints, you can opt for solid colors to help make the room light.

The floors can also help on how to brighten a dark room


Dark floors can equally reduce the brightness of the room. Some of tips on how to brighten a dark room will include adding in a rug or carpet. Dark rugs can reduce the impact of light even more; instead, you can go for lighter toned rugs. This will help to brighten the room instantly.

The right balance is the main key of how to brighten a dark room

It does not matter what kind of modifications or alterations you make; the bottom line is that the right balance plays a vital role. Natural light is very important not only for you house, however, it also helps in living a healthy life.

Small changes make a big difference

brighten a dark roomSometimes, a small move in the right direction can make a big difference. When you want to make a room look bright, you do not have to rip the whole thing down. Instead, all you need to do is make small changes that will create a big impact. Just by adding a light colored rug or even adding shades to a room; you will see how much it will help and how to brighten a dark room.

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