How to choose the best luxury placemats and accessories for your house

choose the best luxury placemats

Placemats are available in a wide range of materials, designs, shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. With the addition of a simple placemat, you can change the look of your dining space. Luxury placemats, placed on simple white damask linen tablecloth would transform your dining table completely. Designer placemats come in many different materials, including marble, a blend of wood and glass, studded with tiny stones and of course, the best quality linen.  Satin, silk, beaded, glass and silver add a luxurious look to your table settings. Placemats, thus are an important part of luxury home décor, which you can use to make your home look elegant and graceful.

Home decor accessories to uplift the look of your home

luxury-home-decor-Home decor is not only about the big things but also about the small accessories and decor ornaments, which actually bring out the beauty of your home. Luxury home decor can make your home look gorgeous and beautiful. Knick-knacks like silver candle stands, shining studded napkin rings, luxury placemats, vases and so on put strategically on center tables, mantelpieces, dining tables elevate the look of your room instantly.

The perfect home decor enhances your living space

We’d all love to live surrounded by beauty. If you have a nice and cozy home, but you want to introduce an element of sophistication and grace, you can do that easily, by buying decorative accessories from the best home decor brand. This will ensure that you get your money’s worth for the best accessories that you buy, such as metal decorative pieces, which would have the best polished or matte finishes. Gold, silver, and copper never go out of vogue and they look especially great during the holiday season.

Decorative accessories reflect your style


Candle stands, vases, bowls etc lend interest and charm to your home. Beautiful bowls to hold glass pebbles, lights etc create fabulous displays. Choose large and small vases in contemporary shapes and display them in dramatic settings to show off your personal sense of style. Luxury accessories from Kim Seybert will make your home look wonderful.

Your center table can be decorated with beautiful statuettes or tiny figurines, or just place a beautiful tea light candle holder either in gold or silver. Use luxury coasters to add to the luxurious feel of the interior.

Give your interiors a cohesive luxury look with luxury decor items

You may have a designer living room or sitting room, but you must carry on the impression of luxury in the dining room/space too, to make your interiors have a harmonious designer look. The luxury home decor isn’t just about expensive decorative items, but also about simple things like dazzling napkin rings, exquisite placemats and table runners which are functional as well will convey a majestic look to your dining space. Napkin rings are available in gold, silver, copper, blue, red – any color you want in simple bands, floral patterns etc studded with different colored stones and this seemingly tiny accessory actually makes quite an impact.

Create the right impression

Luxury placemats and runners from the best home decor brand are also quite stunning and make an unforgettable impression. You should pair ornate placemats with simple but good quality table linen, which will bring out the beauty of both. Round copper, glass, and wood, beaded placemats look lovely and a simple element such as a placemat can go a long way to enhance the look of your space

Add value and style to your house

luxury-home-decor-With the help of designer home accessories from Kim Seybert, you can turn your beautiful house into a pretty and charming home. There are luxury home accessories in both traditional and modern styles, which can fit into your style of choice, and add an opulent style to your home. Most importantly, home accessories give you the freedom to change the look of your home whenever you want.

Placemats for all occasions

Placemats are usually overlooked compared to the other elements of tableware, such as antique crockery or silver cutlery, or crystal wine glasses etc. Apart from protecting your table from any kind of damage from heat or stains, placemats, in a subtle way enhance the look of your dining table. In fact, they can help to set the tone for any meal.

Casual placemats in cotton and vinyl or bamboo etc are useful when you have children in the house or you are hosting a children’s party. Luxury placemats, on the other hand, can create the mood for a formal dinner or a special holiday meal. You can use these luxurious placemats from the best home décor brand on a regular basis too if you feel like it. 

Types of luxury placemats 

While choosing placemats, make sure that they should be bigger than the size of your dinner plates, to catch any spills. Though you can forego that rule if a truly gorgeous one catches your eye and you want to buy it just for aesthetic reasons.

Linen placemats

When you buy placemats, you must also consider the shape and type of table, the size and even the temperature of the meal you would serve. Luxury placemats made out of cotton or linen edged with beautiful beads in gold, silver and red look elegant yet stunning. These placemats are understated and reflect your subtle sophistication.

Glass and wooden placemats

If you want some really high-end placemats, you should go for placemats made out of wood, silver, and glass mirrors. Handmade placemats with glass mirrors are really exquisite and look amazing, as they reflect the lights in the room. Your dining space becomes a mesmerizing space glowing with thousands of tiny lights with the tiny mirrors on the placemats.

Glass placemats

Glass placemats that are handmade and decorated with golden acrylic paint look wonderful and are trending right now. These glass placemats go well with the ultra modern décor of your home.

Ornate placemats

Ornate placemats look stunning and make a simple table setting look beautiful. They add vibrancy and texture to the table, and sometimes they can even take center stage at your dining space. Placemats in gold and black lace, or silver and blue combined with black or golden lace look truly stunning. You can buy these from the best home decor brand so that you know you are making a reliable purchase.

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