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How to Clean Windows

Everyone loves crystal-clear windows and if you want to make your windows spotless, you can do it quickly and conveniently. All you need are the right tools and techniques. A quick tip before you begin your window cleaning project: avoid cleaning your windows on a hot or windy day. The cleaner will dry on the glass before you can wipe it off.

Complexity Level:Moderate

Time required: You need two to three hours depending on the size and number of windows in your house.

Estimated Cost: $ 15

1. Bucket

2. Soft water

3. Ammonia or dish washing soap

4. Toothbrush or a paint brush

5. Cotton cloth

6. Newspaper

7. Scrubber

8. Squeegee

9. Window scraper


1. Fill the bucket with warm water and pour a little less than one-fourth cup of ammonia into the bucket or a little dishwashing soap. Use soft water because hard water deposits are not only difficult to remove but can also cause permanent damage to the glass.

2. Dip the scrubber into the bucket and scrub your window. Wash your window from top to bottom. This prevents dust from trickling down. Don’t use too much water, just enough to wet the window and dissolve the dirt and scrub it.

3. Make sure to wipe your scrubber after every swap with a clean cotton cloth.

4. Use the squeegee and scrubber in a top to bottom movement on the window. Continue using the squeegee in vertical overlapping strokes to prevent streaks.

5. Use a tooth brush or a paint brush with soft bristles to clean the stubborn dirt and dust which gets deposited in the corners.

6. If there is any substance which is still sticking to your window, remove it using a scraper. The type and quality of glass will determine whether it will get scratched easily or not. You can test this on a small section of the glass.

7. To give that extra shine to your window glass, polish it with a clean cotton cloth or a newspaper. Try to use only black printed newspaper, as color sometimes transfers from paper to wood work.

For good results, windows should be washed both inside and out, and preferably once every three months.

How To Clean Tinted Windows

Tinted windows need some special care as they get scratched very easily. These windows need that special treatment because they serve a very important purpose in your house – they protect you from UV rays, and help in regulating the temperature and energy cost. You just need a super soft towel and dish washing soap to clean them.


1. Tinted windows should be cleaned at least 30 days after the new window film has been applied to the glass.

2. You can use a homemade cleanser to clean them. You can make this cleanser by adding a bit of dish washing soap to soft water.

3. Spray your cleaner all over the glass, making sure to cover all the corners.

4. Use a clean, soft towel to wipe the window. Try to clean it as gently as possible and make sure that you have wiped the entire sprayed area. Try not to leave any cleanser deposits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my windows?
You need to clean your windows once every three months for good results.

Why do tinted windows need special protection?
Tinted windows need special care because they are more prone to scratching.

Quick tip:

Lay down some cloth on the window sills to stop the water from running down the wall. Also, don’t just rub your window vigorously. This will only shift dust from one place to another and will not serve your purpose of cleaning it.

Things to Watch Out For

Don’t use any hard chemicals, hard water, scrubber or hard rags on tinted windows – these are sure to leave a scratch.