How to Prepare Your Apartment for a Major Renovation

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Renovations can be a very exciting prospect; refreshing your space always feels good, after all. However, when it comes to renovating an apartment, there are some complications which you need to consider before committing. For one, you have to ask your landlord if you can go through with it. So, even though there are tons of ways you could renovate, there are just as many issues to deal with. As such, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before planning the renovations. So, in order to help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to prepare your apartment for a major renovation, and we hope you find it useful.

1. Talk to your landlord or apartment manager

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Before you start planning your renovations, you need to know if you can do them in the first place. So, speak with your landlord or apartment manager and ask what kinds of renovations are permitted. Knowing what’s allowed will help you figure out the scope and details of your renovation. Also, you’ll avoid possible heartbreak in case you make a plan and then find out it isn’t allowed. Additionally, ask about the details of renovations; meaning, what time of day can renovations be worked on and so on. Some apartment buildings can be very strict with this, so knowing ahead of time is important for planning. Once you know what’s allowed, you can start planning and considering things like ways you can get the most out of your dining room. Remember, proper planning is vital for pretty much anything, and knowing what you can work with is essential for planning.

Speaking with your landlord should be done before you make any plans.

2. Figure out your budget

When you want to prepare your apartment for a major renovation, you need to keep in mind that renovations are very expensive. And the bigger the renovation, the higher the price; as such, you need to know your exact budget before committing. This is partly because the initial cost itself is going to be very high, but also because you should expect issues to pop up during the renovations. You never know what can go wrong while the renovation is ongoing, and it’s going to be up to you to solve these unexpected issues when they pop up. So, remember to leave room in your budget for anything that might crop up. Also, experts from State to State Move note that you should move whatever belongings are in the area being renovated into storage until the process is done. After all, you don’t want any of your belongings getting damaged.

3. Make a strict plan

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Major renovations are called “major” for a very good reason. They can be as large as completely changing the layout of your apartment, and when doing something like this you don’t want to go into it without a solid plan. If you want to properly prepare your apartment for a major renovation, you need to have a clear plan outlining all of your priorities. By doing this, you can focus your effort (and budget) where it matters most. This means that the risk of things going wrong is will be minimal, and the renovations won’t take too long. With all of this in mind, making a plan and strictly sticking to it is vital to successfully renovating your apartment. And when planning, consider things like a guide to bathroom tile ideas. Drawing inspiration from anywhere while making your plans can be a good idea, so get creative with it.

Making a solid plan and sticking with it is vital for apartment renovations.

4. Get your belongings to a safe place

We already briefly touched upon this, but it should go without saying that your belongings aren’t exactly safe during renovations. As such, when you know the exact scope of the renovations, and which rooms are being renovated, clean them out. If you can store these things somewhere in your apartment, great. However, the solution we recommend is to rent out a short-term storage unit. After all, if you store these things somewhere else in the apartment, they’re likely to get in the way constantly. By putting your belongings into a storage unit, you can guarantee they’ll be safe and out of the way. So, find a safe place for your stuff, and keep everything there until the renovations are done. At the end of the day, you don’t want to end up replacing some of your belongings needlessly. So, take the time to protect everything properly.

5. Hire a cleaning company for after the renovations

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Hiring a cleaning company for the post renovation clean-up is an excellent idea for a couple reasons. First, your landlord or building manager will be more likely to accept the renovations if they know they won’t be responsible for cleaning the mess. Second, you can get properly settled back into your apartment much quicker. All in all, if you have the budget for it, there are no drawbacks to hiring a clean-up crew. And besides, renovations can get very messy at times. If you were planning on cleaning it up yourself, keep in mind that certain things might require professional expertise to properly clean. So, don’t take risks and just rely on professional to sort everything out correctly. Also, if you don’t have to worry about cleaning, you can focus more on things like ways to increase the efficiency of your shower, which can help out a lot later on.

Renovations can get very messy, so it’s best to rely on professionals for the clean up.

How to prepare your apartment for a major renovation – closing thoughts

Preparing your apartment for renovations can be fairly difficult. However, if you know how to approach it, it doesn’t have to be half as stressful as people think it is. At the end of the day, proper planning and research are going to be your best friends during this. Additionally, communicating with your building manager is a vital part of the process which a lot of people ignore. By simply being careful, you can avoid a lot of headaches and heartbreaks usually included in trying to renovate an apartment. We hope this guide on how to prepare your apartment for a major renovation helps you set everything up properly, and we wish you a great rest of your day.

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