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5 Ways you can get the most out of your dining room

Although neglected for the most part of the day, the dining room is that sole place where the entire family gathers for meals, parties and other memorable events. As such, it does deserve its own share of decorations and furnishings to look good as well as feel one with the rest of your home. If you are on the lookout for some creative ways to spruce the look and comfort of your dining room, take a look at these ideas below.

Choose a neutral design for the table

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The best way to highlight the dining room is to decorate the surroundings while leaving the table neutral. While you may be tempted to choose an ornate design to make a statement, a neutral table will look classy, elegant and functional irrespective of how trends or the surroundings change.

Ensure that you choose a table constructed of natural materials like wood, stone or glass, etc. This leaves you with more flexibility to change the design of the room in the future as well without worrying about it clashing with the table’s design.

Choose a nice rug for the space underneath

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The dining table is without doubt, the focal point of the room. However, it will look rather lonely and bland without some kind of decoration around it. While you need to maintain movement around the table and so limit the decorations around it to a minimum, you can choose to decorate the space underneath the table with a nice rug.

Not to mention, you have a stain barrier to depend on in the event of parties where you can expect quite a bit of food to fall off the table.

Choose one with a nice texture and color that not only looks nice, but also feels quite comfortable when you step on it. Also ensure to choose a rug that is at least 24 inches wider than the edge of the table on each side. This will ensure that the chairs have ample space to slide out without moving over the rug’s edge.

Choose a bold wall art

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Your dining room can act as the perfect backdrop to display your favorite wall art. In addition to adding more life and energy to the room, it will ensure that the dining room gets it share of admiration from guests. You can either choose for a single large piece that balances out against an entire wall, or a collection of smaller pieces arranged in the form of a gallery. The best wall to display your artwork will also be the one directly opposite to the table.

Choose mismatched dining chairs

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Why not add some creativity to the dining room with mismatched dining chairs? The latest trend of mixing and matching pieces can help you mix different styles and colors of dining chairs to add some spruce to the dining table. However, ensure that irrespective of their style or color, all the chairs have at least one coordinating element. This may be in the form of the same color for different styles and vice versa.

Choose multiple light options for the room

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Using just one light to highlight the dining area may make the rest of the room look dark and uninviting. Your goal is to make the dining room as warm and inviting as possible. You can use two or more lights to highlight different areas of the room as well as track lighting to create beautiful visual effects. Illuminate the corners with recessed lighting for a more dramatic effect.

The dining room is one of the warmest and most inviting rooms in the home. These tips will help you transform an otherwise lifeless dining room into a visually impressive area that enhances your dining experience.

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