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Ideas to follow to get the best wood for your home interiors

Wood panels, flooring, furniture and doors can make your home appear to be more sophisticated and elegant. Urban homeowners often prefer an all white look for their living rooms and bed rooms. Wooden flooring and furniture introduce an element of warmth in an apparently dull looking room.


There are various ways of introducing wood into your home décor. The most important thing is to choose the appropriate wood for your home and synchronizing the look. If you use different shades of wood that clash with one another you will not like the finish. In the following some tips and guidelines have been discussed on how to pick the wood most suited for your home.

The types of wood that you should consider while decorating home

 wooden kitchen counter tops

Some of the popular varieties of woods are oak, cedar, padauk, teak, walnut and alder. Homeowners are also warming up to other types of woods like Lyptus wood, Purple Heart wood and maple wood. Oak wood is sturdy and lasts for a long period of time. It doesn’t get easily damaged by boiling cooking pots or cold ice-filled glasses.

It gives a well-defined look to your décor when used for flooring and making kitchen counter tops. Cedar wood is most suited for making big cabinets and cupboards. Cedar wood is used in many different ways for making fence, house restructuring, shingles and stools. It is resistant to damage caused by moths, bugs and bad odor.

Found mostly in Africa and Asian countries, the Padauk wood is a brilliant option for making countertops. It will look striking against stone flooring and whitewashed furniture. It has a vibrant red tone and doesn’t get damaged easily. It is even sturdier than the mighty oak wood.

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Teak is a tropical variety of wood that will lend a majestic look to your interiors. It is the national tree of Philippines and has lovely brown, yellowish and greenish undertones. Another great option for flooring is the walnut wood. This wood does not expand or shrink with rise and fall in the temperature easily.

Alder is a cost effective option for homeowners who are planning to make some customized cabinets and wardrobes for their home. The furniture made of Purple Heart wood is naturally resistant to termite attacks and decay. The color of this wood changes over time and turns into a darker and livelier shade that complements your interiors.

The rich rust color of Lyptus tree wood make your rooms stand out from the rest. Use it for making cabinets, wall panels and staircases. Maple wood has a distinctive color and finish that makes rooms look gorgeous. You can use it different manners for the panels on the walls, doors, furniture and flooring. Poplar is also a popular option for making panels and furniture.

Tips for choosing color of wood flooring

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Take pictures of your rooms and furniture before you visit your local wood flooring showroom. It is essential to match the color of the wood flooring with the rest of our décor. There are usually hundreds of wood flooring options to choose from. Make sure to see the flooring in white and bright light and in daylight if possible. If you already have cabinets, then there is no need to match the color of the cabinet with the floor.

You should select flooring which matches the existing cabinets. Always pick three to four shades of wood flooring that suits your rooms best and keep eliminating the one you like the least. This way you will be able to find the right in no time.


Wood flooring, furniture and paneling makes a house look more elegant and welcoming. In a concrete jungle, you will have to introduce elements that are closer to nature.