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Ideas for maintaining the health of the hot tub

Hot tub is an ultimate and luxurious addition to any bathrooms. Relaxing in a hot tub after a long and tiring day is a pleasure beyond imagination, especially when you take your spouse or partner along with you. There are different types of spas and hot tubs available in the market these days that need special maintenance and care according to features and material. Not maintaining your hot tub properly, according to the seller’s guidelines, can also cause health disorders. The hot tub has to be ready and safe for your family members all the time. If you too are concerned about maintaining your hot tub, here we have listed some simple tips to your aid.

Check water in the tub regularly

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Clean water is essential to maintain the hygiene of your hot tub. Generally, hot tub has a lifecycle of its own. This makes maintaining and cleaning a bit difficult. You have to maintain the pH balance of the water, filtration of water and sanitation of water. The hot tub dealers will probably suggest some specific water sanitizer, which are bromine or chlorine based products to kill bacteria, fungus and algae, and you must use them regularly to keep you tub healthy.

Along with using chemical sanitizers to remove bacteria, you will also have to maintain the pH balance of water. Ideally, the pH balance of the hot tub should be 7.4, which is also the pH balance of our eyes. The alkalinity of the water should be no more than 120-180ppm, and calcium harness should be no more than 125-400ppm. You should check the alkalinity, calcium harness and pH balance of water in the tub every week. Make sure you buy sanitizing chemicals only from the reputed, specialized spa and swimming pool supply stores. Get test strips or Reagent Test Kits for testing the condition of water.

Keep the hot tub covered


Covering the spa or hot tub is a necessity. With many dealers selling hot tub covers at affordable prices, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. Properly insulated hot tub covers are the best choice. They fit tightly and do not let the heat escape easily. This type of covers helps you in saving money on electricity bills. You will have to condition your hot tub cover at least once every month. The harmful UV rays of the sun can affect the cover surface and make cracks appear on it.

Pay heed to the exterior as well

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You do not just need to take care of the pH balance of the water inside your hot tub, but also take care of the exterior shell. If possible, avoid using detergent or other chemicals for cleaning the exterior shell. Even if you do use any chemicals, then make sure to wash the chemicals using clean water. Try to purchase hot tubs that have outer shell made using acrylic. Acrylic is resistant to germ and bacteria build up. If the water in area has concentrated iron or copper, then you will have to use a good quality stain inhibitor.

Keep changing the water

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You will definitely have to change the water of your hot tub at regular intervals. This will ensure better hygiene and help in reducing the hard work of maintenance. You do not have to change the water of your hot tub before 3 to 6 months.


If you want to install a hot tub at your home, then first learn how to maintain it. You have to check the water regularly using test strips and clean the exterior shell and keep the pH level balanced.