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Ideas and tips on installing that perfect kitchen benchtop

Kitchen benchtop is essential as it is the most used space after your food is ready. Hence choosing the right material and dimensions is essential. The dimensions purely depend on how many items you wish to accommodate on it and the fabric should be decided as per the frequency of usage of these benchtops.kitchen benchtop_4

Another factor that needs to be considered while building the benchtop is its height. Understanding the perfect height that matches every individual is important. Secondly, the ergonomics is important. Making a note of the width and the space needed to work on it should be noted.


The height of the benchtops should be good enough to be comfortable for most users. Generally it is 900 mm, and is commonly used in most kitchens. The peak of these benchtops can be decided on the basis of the height of the family members. Moreover, 900 mms generally is the perfect height to keep the kitchen gadgets below it. A drawer or a small plank can be fitted to accommodate more appliances or gadgets beneath the benchtops.

Appliances such as dishwasher can be accommodated easily.  You need to consult an expert to understand the height of the benchtop. It should be convenient for all to use it.

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Understanding the right height of the benchtops is essential keeping in mind the health of the people using it. If it’s too high or it is too low, then it would be uncomfortable for the users. Hence, the first thing that needs to be noted is that the height of the users of the benchtops.

The size of the benchtops is also important. If not sized properly it might create problem during chopping or cooking. Many have complained of back pain after using incorrectly sized benchtops. Benchtops are used daily; hence they need to be designed accurately keeping the engineering in mind.

Fitting all the necessary gadgets and accessories in the benchtop and leaving some space to use it is also important. Since, most of the time of the cooking is spent here; it should be spacious and easy to use. Moreover, maintaining it should also be important. Cleaning it frequently is important to maintain its hygiene.

Taller families prefer benchtops at a height above 900 metric linear units while if there is a variation in the height of the family members then a average 900mm is the perfect choice.


While choosing the right benchtop it is necessary to understand two factors, namely, the height and the width. Knowing your usage you can install the perfect benchtop in your kitchen.