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Eight incredible faucet designs for trendy homes

Incredible faucets

If you are planning for new faucet collection either for your washroom or for you kitchen, there are numerous options available. There is fantastic combination of design and technology in the modern faucets. Most of the faucets also focus on the conservation of very precious water. It’s time to get ready to make your culinary area and washroom trendy with the futuristic faucets. Here are a few of the best faucets you can choose from.

1. Turn rotary dial faucet

Turn Rotary Dial Faucet

If you are environment friendly and wish different ways to conserve nature, this is the best faucet that complies with your wishes. Turn rotary dial faucet is the brainchild of designer Eun ji Byeon that helps you keep the flow of water in control and prevents wastage thus conserving it. With four modes of water burst, you can let the amount of water you require by choosing one for you.

2. Turn rotary dial faucet

Oras faucet

Showing your tongue is considered as bad manners but you’ll love this faucet teasing you with its tongue. A cute design of a faucet with its tongue shaped outlet can be molded up or down as you wish. This contemporary faucet is designed by Cyrille Charier who has come up with this unique idea for Oras. The trendy design is surely going to add style to your washroom.

3. Marti faucet Niagara

Marti faucet niagara

If you are guessing what would be the temperature of the water that will ooze out of the faucet once you hit the plug, then a product from the Spanish company, Marti faucet Niagara is the answer. With its unique color emitting LEDs indicative of the temperature is a class in its category. You can have a crystal clear look at the water gushing out of it because of its transparent silhouette. The bright light of the LED illuminates the transparent background with the red color indication hot, violet indicating warm and blue as cold water that is coming out of the sprout. The glass silhouette gives it a contemporary look.

4. Ripple faucet

Ripple Faucet

Smith Newnam and Touch 360 Studio present a perfect example of technology that meets with design. The product created by the name ripple faucet makes your daily touch with water a memorable experience. The frosted metal surface of the silhouette seats a metal ball, the movement of which is controlled by an array of electromagnetic sensors. Moving the ball in and out controls the pressure of the water and the sideways movement controls the temperature of the flash heated water indicative by the blue color as cold and hot as red. The perfect co-ordination provides you lukewarm water.

5. Drinking fountain faucet

Drinking fountain faucet

Giving your kitchen a new contemporary looks Matt Brown, an industrial designer from Michigan (currently in Italy) has come up with an elegant faucet design that can be switched between drinking fountain and a bathroom faucet. A hole is positioned on the top of the faucet in a fashion that you can drink water without the use of a tumbler or cup. The rotary design offers a great flexibility to use the water at different areas of the sink/washbasin.

6. Mushroom faucet

Mushroom faucet

Ever tried your instincts to drive a faucet to get water gushing out of it? Fitorio Leksono has come up with a great design inspired from a mushroom and also named it as mushroom faucet. The objective is to bring technology and human instincts together. The contemporary nature inspired design uses triflow technology to mix hot and cold water to ooze out lukewarm water suits your needs. The mushroom head shaped faucet is round in shape and the outer disc is used to rotate to get hot, cold or lukewarm water. There is no LED but blue and red dots embossed on it so that you can use your instincts to get the perfect balance for you. Try this one out and give your instinct a perfect drive.

7. ABM Again faucets

ABM Again faucets

Go green is the buzzword all around and manufacturers are coming up with innovative products to conserve natural resources. Again faucet range from ABM brings a simple ergonomic curved eco friendly chrome faucet that is simple in looks with minimalist design and delicately designed temperature control. The water nozzle is barely visible in the design that makes this simple faucet more beautiful. Inspiration has come from the water itself that perfectly matches your washroom in every design.

8. Bachok Washstand faucet

Bachok Washstand faucet

This one is for the nature lovers who believe that every drop of water counts. Conservation of water is the central theme of Bachok washstand faucet starting from its design to its functioning. The outlet is facing down like a frozen drop of water helps water drop directly onto the palms and prevents splashing of the water and thus wastage. It is seen in the studies that 80 percent of the water coming out of the faucet is wasted due to splashing out of the hands and only 20 percent is used. Just imagine how much you can contribute to the nature if you can save 80 percent of your daily water usage. The operation is also quite simple; you just have to press the nozzle (frozen drop like extension) and the water judiciously oozes out of it directly on your hands. The tanker is also temperature controlled where you can adjust the exact temperature of water that comes out.