Eight compact desk organizers keep your space clutter free

compact desk organizers

Many people bear a misconception that messy desk gives an impression of busy buddy. Wake up, truth is far from it. Just think about your boss coming to your desk for an important document he has entrusted with you. And you are wasting priceless minutes in scanning through the pile on your desk for that piece of paper. Do you believe his trust would remain as bold as before on you? Leave your boss alone. Suppose, you have to file reimbursement report and need details of expenses. You have sincerely retained those vouchers and bills. But, unfortunately forgot to organize carefully. Imagine the volume of hair you have to tear now.

Organized desk not only give you look of a decent guy but also save lot of your time. This is true if you are an office guy and also equally fitting even if you are freelancing from your home.

There could be numbers of ways and office furniture to organize your desk. But, the basic tool to give your desk a clean look is having a desk organizer. Today you would see varieties of desk organizers. Here is a list of 8 good looking compact organizers to give your desk a cleaner look. Remember, they do boost your impression at work place.

1. Large personal organizer with drawers

Large Personal Organizer with Drawers

This big size desk organizer, with two drawers, is constructed with medium density fiber-board; it sports an excellent finish and has 13 separate compartments to organize different items.

2. Silver mesh vanity organizer by Design Ideas

Silver Mesh Vanity Organizer by Design Ideas

Metallic and silver finished organizer would be a piece of vanity wherever your place it. This is beautiful and utilitarian at the same time. You would get 6 separate compartments to organize your stuffs. Metal structure gives it extra sturdiness.

3. All-in-one caddy

All-in-one caddy

Your desk would look nice with this black and silver finished organizer. Best part is separate dedicated compartment for cellphone, MP3 players and PDAs with charging slots in the base. Center divider is removable to make space for larger sized files. It also has dispenser for tapes. Altogether this desk organizer comes with six compartments.

4. Scotch compact desk organizer

Scotch compact desk organiser

You can organize and store office supplies in this cleverly designed desk organizer. Different compartments within a compact cylinder shaped module are there for storage. This is eco-friendly as it is partially constructed with recycled materials. It is also free of adhesive, paints and uses least number of piece parts. Curvy shape of the organizer makes it easy to move around with. It really adds to the beauty of your table.

5. Officemate deluxe rotary organizer

Officemate Deluxe Rotary Organizer

You can stop your office tools and supplies from cluttering your desk with this recycled plastic made organizer. It rotates 360° so that you don’t need to do any extra leaning or bending to find anything out. Base compartment sports a tape dispenser and has separate place to keep notes of 3 X 3 inches size. Made of recycled plastic, this will add charm to your work station. Get one for yourself and let your colleagues know that you are well organized.

6. Lipper international bamboo space saving desk organizer

Lipper International Bamboo Space Saving Desk Organizer

This desk organizer is made of bamboo, which makes it good for environment and gives it a natural look. The organizer has two separate drawers at the base. Other than the drawers, it sports 5 more compartments to store notepad, files and other office supplies. You can clean this desk organizer easily with mild warm water if it gets dirty.

7. Totally bamboo expandable utility drawer organizer

Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizer

This is another beautiful and well-crafted desk organizer made of bamboo. Expandability is the best part of this design. When fully expanded, you would get 7 proper sized compartments. It is 18 inches in length and 17 and half inches wide at full expanse. Get one for yourself and arrange your stuff neatly.

8. Taymor chrome six drawer storage tower with frosted acrylic drawers

Taymor Chrome Six Drawer Storage Tower with Frosted Acrylic Drawers

Tiny stuffs clutter the desk most and they are difficult most to find out when in need. You can depend on this organizer. It stores small office supplies efficiently and tower shaped design also frees lot of space on your desk. You can dedicate each bean for each type of item. So from next time, whenever in need of those tiny tools just check designated bean. You would feel life is easier to deal with.

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