Innovative ideas for styling your nightstand

styling your nightstand

Although it is an option, but having a nightstand by your bedside is a good idea. It comes in handy for a variety of reasons. Some people prefer to have just a regular storage compartment with drawers. Some prefer having it more for a decorative purpose. It does not matter what kind of nightstand you have, what is important is how you style it. If you want to convert the boring and simple look of your nightstand to something interesting, here are a few innovative ideas to consider.

The readers’ paradise

styling your nightstand

Book lovers can bring in a style to their nightstands by blending in their passion and love for books. Add a small sized bookshelf row to add some of your precious and most loved collections. You can put a nice reading light/lamp and personalize this space only for yourself.

Let it become your mini office

Who said you need to have a separate section or room for your home office? Now you can save space and enjoy working for home with a decently sized nightstand. Keep your printer, fax machine and other such important office equipments on one end. You can also add in a small section for your important files that you are presently working on. This will give you instant and easy access to your present work without spending too much of time looking for things.

The gardener’s delight

styling your nightstand

When gardening is a hobby, then it is natural that you would have a collection of things related to this passion. Decorate this passion on your nightstand and add in some fresh/artificial flowers to blend in with the concept. 

For the person on the go

If you are a person who loves to travel or who travels a lot due to his or her work, then why not reflect this love on your nightstand. You can choose to have a nightstand that resembles a suitcase. You can also have a nice lamp that is designed to look like a globe. For the décor, consider having a collection of different souvenirs that you purchase as a part of your memory collection. Put in a few frames with different photos of your best trips and you have a nice travel themed nightstand.

For the chef or a person who loves to cook

styling your nightstand

People who love to cook will surely love this idea. You can design your nightstand by incorporating the cooking theme concept. Make a little space for all your favorite cookbooks, by having a small bookshelf. You can also consider blending in your cooking theme with large sized wooden cutlery, artistic looking plates or even those that come in a frame and have a nice night lamp to blend in with the theme. You can also have a nice pen stand in the form of a mug or a glass.

Music inspired nightstand theme

There are a lot of music-inspired décor that you will find in the market. Blend these inspirations into your nightstand. Consider having a few beautiful and artistic looking décor that is related to different aspects of music. If you play a particular instrument, design the basic layout of the nightstand to resemble the instrument. Along with that, you can put in a few music notes wall art décor to blend in with the nightstand. 

Study desk come nightstand for the writer

styling your nightstand

If you are a writer or you have a passion to write, then why not make this the base of your theme. You can have a nice study desk right next to your bedside, which will serve the dual purpose of a nightstand and a place to pen down your thoughts. Add small wireless Bluetooth speaker/speakers, a nice night lamp and everything related to your passion.

The collectors’ quest

Who said that you have to show your collection only in your home décor for the living/family room? Why not bring this love to your bedroom also? A treasure box shaped nightstand with enough of space to keep your collectables and an antique looking nightstand is what you would need for this theme. You can consider having a small dim light, which acts like a spotlight and a night lamp.

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