Four innovative lighting devices to transform your lifestyle

Innovative lighting devices

Fancy lighting has always drawn our attention, irrespective of how the electricity is derived. With the advent of technology, the reliability towards renewable sources of energy has come into play with great force. However, this does not stop us from experimenting with ideas which can lead to a supernormal breakthrough in the lighting industry. If you look at the various ideas, you would realize how important it has become to devise ideas in order to make the best of these renewable sources of energy.

Mentioned below are 5 ideas of fancy lighting which would make sure that you do the right thing with the right kind of attitude. Incorporating them into your homes would be a very useful idea as they would bring with them an innovation only you deserve. With a cost cutting edge and an attitude to never let your expectations down, these intense designs are here to rule the stage. Given a chance, they would be helpful in letting your house be the epitome of perfect design, harmony, and of course, true color balance.

1. LED EcoBulb

LED EcoBulb

South Korean designer Seokjae Rhee has designed this compact LED EcoBulb contraption. LED’s or light emitting diodes are forming the basis of many lights these days. Being energy savers, the LED Eco bulb is as good as its name. It’s comprised of 6 parts which can be controlled by a remote control. Imagine, the control of the light is actually in your own hands. Brighten or lower the light amount as per your wish while the remote will also control the direction in which you want the light to fall. The simple purpose behind this concept is to eliminate the use of multiple bulbs in one area and to cut down on the electricity consumption.

The bulb has been designed in such a way so as to consume absolutely little power and illuminate even the remotest of the corners of your house.

2. Bic Biro Chandelier

Bic Biro Chandelier

This amazing piece of art has been designed out of 347 recycled Bic Cristal pens and 347 paperclips. Surprised, right? Being one of the 30 creations by enPieza, the chandelier brings forth the ultimate beauty of the lighting piece. The plastic ensemble has coupled the beauty of crystal clear pens with aesthetics and built a chandelier which would leave you in no doubt of its beauty.

The chandelier is a sheer depiction of brains, beauty and innovation. Given the designing abilities of the Spanish designer firm, I should say they have outdone themselves completely. It’s a must own chandelier as not only is its beauty totally exquisite, its elegance would personify your living room to lengths not even thought till now.

3. Day Night Lamp

Day Night Lamp

As the name pretty much suggests, the day night lamp works on solar energy. With a simple concept in tow, the designing of the lamp has been done by Od-Do Arhiteckti.

Od-Do Arhiteckti are two designers from Belgrade, Serbia. The lamp has been designed for wireless use and it incorporates solar energy into electric energy, thanks to the photovoltaic cells which have been fixed inside it. Simply tilt the lamp towards the sun in the morning time and the solar energy would be stored inside the built in cell. At night, simply use the lamp as you would any normal lamp. With an ingenious idea in place, the lamp would make your electricity bills take a dip massively.

The idea is as unique as can be for it’s based on a well planned design and execution. After all, if you come to think of it, you would realise how many savings you can actually do in your power bill every month. Consuming absolutely nothing in reality, all the batteries need are some solar power (free of cost) and they give out brilliant light at night. No more need to run to pay huge, enormous electricity bills.

4. LED Lamp

LED lamp by Philips

As LEDs are proving to be a big energy saver these days, here’s bringing to you another type of design which incorporates LEDs into its midst. With a capacity to illuminate 16 million colors at the same time, the LED lamp from Philips is here to stay.

Equipped with a wireless remote to control the lighting structures, the LED lamp has a design which can’t be forgotten that easily. Watch as the colors merge into each other, making you feel like you are living in a fairy tale world. Proving its worth as a visual aid design, the lamp shall make you relive all your happy memories and moments.

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