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Inspiration: ‘Paper House’ make up of old recycled newspapers

paper house room

Swedish immigrant, Ellis Stenman who is the inventor and engineer in Rockport, Massachusetts has created the house that is what you call the great source of information for those who wish to pay their contribution to save the planet earth. Built between 1922 and 1924, the walls of this house are unbelievably made up recycled newspaper glue and varnish in addition to the wooden frames. Besides the covering of the hose, even the furniture pieces are crafted out of recycled material. Thousands of old recycled newspapers contributed in the making of this eco-friendly home known as Paper House. You no more have to dumb the old newspapers or sell them to junk dealer, you have the great inspiration in front of you. Think innovative; go green!

paper house wall
paper house front
paper house corner

Via: Treehugger/PSFK