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Inspiration: Revitalizing your old lamps!

112509 rg fabriclamp 04

Hometone is all about home products, latest home gadgets and anything that just makes you feel the proud owner. Afterall your home deserves nothing but the best of the rest contemporary stuff. How about an inspiration to make your old stuff excitingly new? Ever thought, the lamps that go out of date and are dumped down could get a facelift? Sophie thought out of the box and came up with the idea of giving the facelift to these old lamps that otherwise could have thrown away. Just any type of good looking fabric would help you cover up the lamp leaving the bulbs. Guys, I’m sure next time your lamp is going old and looking bad in your modish home won’t be just thrown away. This exciting idea would just ask your creative mind to work and you’ll do wonders!

112509 rg fabriclamp 01
112509 rg fabriclamp 02
Via: Unplggd