IoT Smart home devices that make life easy

Gone are those days when everything was manual and every product had its own individuality. Today the world is changing rapidly. The interconnections of things are actually making our lives easier. As the world is progressing to a different level, so are the products and the lives of people. Once a theory or just a dream is now a reality and has a promising future. Our every day devices like the water systems, thermostats, windows, lights and even our cars and smartphones are all progressing towards the betterment of our future. The remote access and constant communications between such devices has helped users in easily controlling such products. These products in their own ways have contributed to the growth of home automation and IoT.

The boon of Smart Homes are growing in numbers

The growing numbers of smart homes clearly indicates how much people are changing the way they live. As per the studies and research conducted, by 2025 every house will have smart home products installed. Just as our phones have become smart phones, similarly, even our homes will soon become smarter in every way.  The computerized systems will transform our homes in the most efficient manner. Let us look at some of the popular home automation products, which you can find in today’s market.

Weather it is security solutions or home lighting or even installing a computerized system that will transform your entire house, these devices deserve to be in the list of the best home automation products that every home must have.

Amazon Eco

If you are looking at a product, which is more accessible and easy to operate, then the voice activated, cloud, based product is perfect for you. Amazon Eco is the first product in the list. Better known as Eco, this smart speaker connects easily to Alexa. These speakers let you perform various tasks such as setting alarms, playing audio books and getting real time updates on the weather and traffic conditions.  The Amazon eco also acts like a central hub. You can easily connect it to various other smart home products.

Nest thermostat

Are you looking for eco-friendly smart home products that can reduce your monthly energy bills? Then Nest thermostat is something you should consider.  Not only does it help you to save your money, however, it also ensures that the home environment is comfortable for you to live in. In comparison to any other smart home thermostat, the Nest thermostat is a name that has its own fan following and offers more than what you can expect.

Wink and Philips Hue

If your newfound love is lighting automation, then this is the ideal choice. This is a product, which lives up to the quality and promises made by home automation products. It is an exquisite treat and an entertaining product that you can find in the market today. With this one product, even the simplest home can become the most happening and entertaining place in town. The colored lights add the spark that you need for a perfectly planed party or get together.

Smart sprinkler systems like Rachio

For your gardening needs, there is nothing better than to have an irrigation system that is smart and efficient. Rachio is your one stop solution for your gardening needs. This system not only helps you to consume less water, however, it also adjusts to the climatic conditions without any issues. The app that comes along with it makes it easy for you to control your irrigation system without being physically present to monitor it.

Smart fridges

Smart fridges

Since we are talking about home automation products for your home, it is necessary to include this product in the list. It not only serves as a refrigerator, however, it also ensures that your health is up to beat. From letting you know the condition of the food stored in the fridge to even ensuring that your diet is healthy, these refrigerators do it all for you. The advanced features include monitoring your sugar levels, heart rate, oxygen flow and other such vital information that is important for your health.


If you want a security system that also understands the behavior patterns of people, this complete security solution is all you need. Even at the time of emergency, Protect truly lives to its name by alerting officials and family members.

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