IOT technology allows you to take control of your energy bills with smart meters

IOT technology

IOT has been transforming the entire face of the future and has been the talk of the town for various reasons. This is also said to be the future face and the based on which a lot of innovations are hitting the market. For a competitive advantage, innovation plays a vital role while digital transformation is said to be groundbreaking. Both combined together contribute to various revolutions that make a difference

By adopting the IOT technology, the industry’s access to cellular data increasing and there is also a fragmentation of the market since there is a decentralization of the grids. Dealing with competition is not easy and in cases where the company deals with the basic needs. One such example is companies that deal with utilities like electricity, gas or water. With the help of technology, utility companies now have the ability to take the help of Smart Meters.

The concept of smart meters

smart metersElectronic devices used for monitoring and recording the usage of gas, water and electricity and collects data which is communicated to the company. It helps in gathering the necessary information that is needed to generate electricity, gas or water bills. It also helps to provide real time information on quality monitoring, send out the necessary notification and other such information. This is done with the help of sensors that provide real time information.

Full Connectivity between smart meters and Smart SIM’s

For the optimization of IOT Smart SIMs has to be used along with the help of the present cellular structures that are available. They can be programmed to ensure that they are not depended on just one network; instead they have the ability to select any network automatically and make the necessary switch when needed. This will help to ensure that there is no broken communication between the meter and the SIM. This also helps the meter to stay in constant touch with the backend and provide the necessary updates when needed.

Countries slowly adapting this concept

Considering how useful these meters are, a lot of utility companies across the world are adopting the concept of smart meters. Although this s a concept that is yet to catch up, however, the countries that already have smart meters installed have seen a lot of benefits of using these meters. It has also helped them to get some really useful information and has made their work a lot easy. While some countries have already started using smart meters, there are a few that are still testing it out and some are yet to adopt them.

The security concerns of Smart meters

IOT technologyAlthough smart meters are useful in a lot of ways, however, just like everything else, it does raise a few concerns.


Reigning in the number one position of the list is the security factor. The concerns that arise in this front are that there are possibilities that those using smart meters may be prone to cyber attacks.  Experts who deal with the various concerns pertaining cyber security have tested the smart meters that are used presently in Germany and UK and have stated that these systems have a very high level of protection against any cyber attack. In order for an attack to be successful, it would require huge financial resources and a lot of time and effort.

Safety and Health

smart metersAnother concern that has been in the minds of those who are skeptical about smart meters revolves around the safety and health of those using it. There were also concerns pertaining to the health impact of using such meters had, as per the study made by the California Council on Science and Technology it was stated that these meters had not impact on the person’s health.

Privacy concerns

Customer privacy is one of the major concerns and the same is applicable when it came to those who had smart meters installed. These meters store a lot of important information which is essential in various ways. Protecting this data is very important and essential. This is why; Governments across the world that already adopted the Smart meter are working on a new set of laws which is focused on this front.

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