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Jelmer Moorman’s flowerpot-cum-seating

Flowerpot by Jelmer Moorman

The ‘Flowerpot,’ a brilliant and innovative design by Jelmer Moorman, actually is a pot with a seat. We all enjoy having flower pots in our balconies and terraces and many a times our love for plants leads to a space crunch and we simply cannot place our chairs to enjoy the green ambiance or the reverse might happen where bulky garden furniture makes it impossible to fit more pots in the limited space. The ‘Flowerpot’ is a perfect solution and would resolve both these issues, as this amazing design is a pot that can also be used as a seat.

The Flowerpot would look ideal and very stylish with its perfect contours – a rounded pot with a supporting backside that holds up a circular ring where a wooden circular seat can be placed, if required, for sitting. Not only will the Flowerpot save on space, but will also look very aesthetic as well. The pot comes in two different sizes and colors. It is molded out of recycled HDPE (high density polyethylene), which is a durable and sturdy raw material that can withstand all types of weather conditions.

Via: Jelmer Moorman