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If you go through a perennial battle every morning trying to get your sleepy kid out of his bed then you can get hold of kids’ watches to get rid of this situation. The kid’s watches that we have compiled here for you have outstanding aesthetic appeal and improved functions. Thus, they will add up to your kid’s home décor. Further, the playful contours of these kid’s watches will grab the attention of your child too and within no time they will become your tot’s precious possession. These alarm clocks are sure to expel the habit of late rising of your kid permanently too. In the process, the kid will also playfully learn to be time conscious which is the order of the day. Have a sneak peak and get hold of your best deal.

American Innovative Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock will be a learning device for your kid. It comprises of a digital display as well as an analog dial. It has inbuilt audio game that teaches your tiny tot how to read and tell time both from analog as well as digital mode. It has customized level of skills so that you can adjust it according to the level of learning of your kid. But when your kid grows up and learns to read and tell time on his or her own the clock gets transformed into a fully functional alarm clock with a snooze button too. The beep light in it acts as a pleasing night lamp and imparts soft yellow light which turns green when the day breaks.

OK to Wake, Children’s Alarm Clock

This little monster is a kid’s alarm clock that runs on two AA batteries. It integrates the function of a night lamp along with that of an easily decipherable digital clock. It imparts a soothing yellow light at night and acts as a highly functional bedside night lamp cum clock in your kid’s room. When it is time to leave bed the following morning the yellow light gets changed to green. But it can be used as a highly efficient alarm clock with all its necessary functions when your tiny tot becomes a grown up kid.

LEGO Kids’ 9002113 Star Wars Darth Vader Mini-Figure Alarm Clock

Star Wars characters have eternal fan following. So, as you install this Darth Vader alarm clock on the bedside table of your kid you will surely love it. At a price of $29.99, you can give your kid a cherished toy as well as an integrated digital clock. Lego has incorporated the basic functions of an alarm clock such as alarm tab and snooze button in this character clock to make it functionally excellent. The movable limbs and legs of this clock will be a treat for your kid.

Clocky Robotic Alarm Clock

This incredible gadget is the brainchild of an engineering student, Gauri Nanda. This robo alarm clock will be a great aid to get rid of your kid’s morning sleep completely. As the alarm rings the clock starts rolling on its wheels. Thus, your sleepy kid will have to run after it and get hold of it to shut it down. By the time your kid grabs it and puts off the alarm tab sleep will also escape for the day.

Good Nite Lite clock

This kid’s clock is a learning gadget for your kid. This is an indispensable thing especially for the first and the second stage of parenting. This is the time when you are forced to stay awake with your baby all night as it cannot differentiate between day and night. The sun faced clock remains orange all through the day and gets changed to dim blue light resembling the night sky. With a few days of practice at looking at it your baby will learn when to sleep and when to stay awake.

Frog Talking Alarm Clock II

This talking frog will croak and let you know what the time is. Powered by three AA batteries the clock comprises of a 4” diameter dial, analog display, fresh green color and the face of a frog printed on the dial. Functionally it is alike every alarm clock but the aesthetic appeal creates visual curiosity among kids.

Monkey Talking Alarm Clock II 5″ by Streamline

At a tag price of $19.95 this Monkey clock with its 5” diameter emits a typical “Eeeeeeeeeeeeee” shriek instead of a conventional alarm. This monkey shriek is ear splitting enough to get your kid out of its bed instantly. The red frame and red monkey decal inside the dial is alluring to look at.

Laser Target Alarm Clock

The maker claims that this innovative product will bring a revolution in the world of kid’s alarm clocks. Set the alarm and put it beside your kid’s bed. The following morning when it emits a horrid alarm tone your kid needs to shut it off by a laser beam gun shot. The whole process needs utmost concentration. Your kid is supposed to focus at the center of target and hit it with the laser gun at the exact spot to shut it off. So, this intense concentration and perfect hand-eye concentration will only occur at the expense of your kid’s morning time sleep.

Dr Who Dalek Talking Alarm Clock

This robo monster is an extremely beneficial kid’s alarm clock. The parents will find it useful as the kid, who is a confirmed late riser, will also be forced to get up in time. This Dalek mini character has a digital clock set at its chest. It is so nasty that it will roll towards your kid’s bed when the alarm sounds and literally poke its sink plunger into his or her eyeballs until the child leaves bed for good

Tantrum-Throwing Alarm Clock

When your kid’s tantrums about sleeping more in the morning irks your nerves this alarm clock proves handy. This unique kid’s clock of Hammecher Schlemmer starts glowing five minutes before the time of alarm approaches. As the alarm sounds it starts tapping its limbs vigorously just like a baby. But if your kid delays by more than one minute in putting the snooze button on then it commences an unbearably shrill tantrum constantly for an hour.