Kid’s tables

Kid’s table is one of the most important furniture your tot needs in his or her own room. It is necessary when the child sits down to study or paint. It is also useful for the tot to stack in books, copies and other necessary things. These tables score over the cupboards in this regard because the things kept on them are easily traceable and your child does not has to cramp his or her head to get the right things at the right time. The aesthetic appeal of these kid’s tables are also quite impressive and they render the most customized look to your kid’s room. Take a look at some kid’s tables we have compiled here for you.

Tot Tutors Kid’s Table

The maker of this table kept in mind two integral things that are important in case of things connected with kids. These two things are durability and means of maintenance. Unlike adults kids subject their furniture to the roughest handling. Therefore, the maker has emphasized upon the use of heavy duty wood so that it remains strong for quite a number of years. The maker has also taken account of the fact that kids create mess on their furniture. In order to counter this problem a shiny polymer finish has been given to the table. This finish ensures that the mess on it could be cleared without adhering to any cumbersome process at all. Last but not the least, the array of colorful non toxic paint used in these tables will surely make your kid happy.

Price: $ 72

Little Tikes Primary Colors Kid’s Table

The most important thing that will grab your attention towards this kid’s table is the bright primary color in it. Thus, it will be quite functional for you to help your kid identify the different primary colors once you bring home this table along with its combination chair sets. These already assembled tables have a polymer coating on top. This ensures that the furniture can be maintained easily. The rounded corners of the furniture further ensure that your kid will never experience accidental hurts from them.

Price : $ 39

Kid’s folding table by Stakmore

It is always a wise decision to go for multifunctional furniture in kid’s room. Such furniture is ideal especially if you live in a small apartment. Therefore, Stakmore brings a range of kid’s tables that are foldable. So, whenever your kid has finished working on it you can fold it and keep aside so that you never have to compromise with your walking space. The natural wood color, clean design and durable construction of this kid’s table create a perfect symmetry with every kid’s room interior.

Price: $ 40

Tot Tutors Kid’s Table

This kid’s table is ideal if you have multiple kids or even if your kid’s friends visit often. This table is capable of accommodating as many as four children simultaneously. The broad table top allows your tot and his or her companions to carry on with their project or play building blocks or tea party without struggling for space.

Price: $96

Gift Mark round kid’s table

This absolutely round top kid’s table has a rustic look. Gift Mark has kept it like this deliberately so that the kids get a feel of nature living amidst the concrete jungles of an urban world. The base of this table is made from solid hardwood which imparts durability against regular wear and tear. The natural wood finish makes it appear pastoral as well as guarantees protection against water damage and insects.

Price: $ 55

Rectangular kid’s table

The rectangular shape of this kid’s table makes it evident that it is meant for serious business. So, you can install this large kid’s table in the kid’s room when your tot needs to have a group study just before the exams. The non toxic paint on the surface and oak wood base makes it a family treasure that will endure long.

Price: $102

KidKraft Kid’s farmhouse table

The espresso coffee tone of this kid’s table gives it such a matured look. Thus, you will never feel that it is meant for kids. But KidKraft has thought beyond time. It has tried to make this kid table a timeless collection that will become a family heirloom. The simple design, square shape and lacquered surf give it an official look that will match with any home décor, whether it is a nursery of a grown up kid’s room.

Price: $85

Sunny Safari hand painted kid’s table by Teamson Design

Teamson Design has launched a beautiful kid’s table that will create a piece of jungle in the urban apartment you live in. The beautiful hand painting with animal faces, smiling sun and clear blue sky color on the surface of this innovative kid’s table is responsible for this visual interest. Functionally, it comes with built in open shelves. So, your kid can stuff away his or her “valuable” belongings without creating a disorganized pile on the table top.

Price: $100

Lipper International square kid’s table

This wooden table is ideal for your very tiny tot. Lipper International has made this kid’s table keeping in mind the needs of its esteemed clientele of twelve years or below that age. It has a non stick finish on top that will always prevent it from becoming scratchy and unclean. All you need to do is wipe it clean with damp cloth and mild detergent. The seasoned beech wood body will further prevent it from water and wood insects.

Price: $93

RiverRidge kid’s table

This kid’s table has aesthetic as well as functional appeal. The integration of pure hard wood and painted MDF wood looks after the durability of the exoskeleton. Likewise, the inbuilt plastic storage bin and wooden slats give your tot the space to stack toys and crafts when playtime or study time gets over. The white paint on the surface and the juxtaposition of the bright hues of the plastic bags look appealing. The structure is easy to assemble and hence extremely user friendly.

Price: $119

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