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Kitchen waste treatment appliance : Recycling in style!

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‘Kitchen waste treatment appliance’ by Gustavo Messias is an ideal recycling unit, which treats and recycles different types of waste produced in the kitchen. Voted ‘Best project of Istituto Europeo di Design Industrial Design Master’08 by Whirlpool Design Team, this smart kitchen waste management system asks for no compromise with style.

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How it works? Taking into account the rational and emotional needs of the customer and understanding the everyday kitchen process, the kind of waste produced in the kitchen is divided into two main categories and different types of treatment is applied on them based on whether they are organic or non organic. A drying process is used to treat the organic waste and separate it from the non organic waste. The process then results in two different outputs- Granulated material (suitable for fertilizers)and bio-gas(renewable source of energy).

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Counter-top and dryer system are well integrated by a sliding movement on the cutting board surface. Also, there is a trolley that separates the organic and non organic wastes. When parked, it works as a storage unit with two independent drawers. A biodegradable bag is attached automatically to the dryer when the drawer is closed and the special cartridge helps in organic disposal.

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What’s different? Working it is certainly smart and hassle-free. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for any comprise on style. In a nutshell ‘Kitchen waste treatment appliance’ is nothing but an ideal solution for each one of us ready to play a role in saving the planet.

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Thanks Gustavo Messias!

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