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Laminate cabinet painting : A quick guide

Laminate cabinets in your home are outdated but you are not willing to replace them because the replacement is expensive. Moreover, there is no need to go for it when you can reinvigorate those outdated laminate cabinets without breaking the bank. The ideal way that is easy and cost-effective is to paint them, which makes the outdated cabinetry look all modern and fresh.

However, painting a laminate cabinet is in no way similar to painting a door or other wood furnishings at home. It is because laminate cabinets are not porous as its other wooden counterparts are. Therefore, you require making unique preparations to complete a laminate cabinet painting project successfully. If you are up for such a DIY project, Dr Prem Jagyasi shares some tips that will help you give your laminate cabinetry a fresh look:

Remove cabinet hardware

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If you desire painting a laminate cabinet without any obstructions, you should remove the knobs, pulls and all the other cabinet hardware. As far as the hinges are concerned, you can cover them with a painter’s tape. In case, the hinges are removable, the better way is to take down cabinet doors, paint them and then hang them back.

Do not paint over a damaged laminate piece

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Before you start painting a laminate cabinet, you should check for all the cracks, warps and peels. If you trace any, make sure you repair them first but never paint on a damaged laminate. Painting that damage interferes with the bonding of paint to the cabinet, so ensure the laminate cabinet is in a good shape before you paint it.

Sand the cabinets well

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Sanding a cabinet is must before painting. It roughens up a cabinet surface and further strengthens the bond between paint and the cabinet. While sanding the laminate sheet, you should sand it enough but not so much that you tear the sheet apart.

Remove the dirt and grit well

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It is easy and tempting to shirk work, such as not cleaning the laminate surface well before painting it. This might leave dirt and grit on the surface that looks filthy when the paintwork is done and it dries. The paint will not adhere well and soon start to chip.

It is better if you wipe the cabinet surface quite well to remove grime and grease using trisodium phosphate. After that, rinse the entire area with water, dry it completely and then start your painting job.

The paint test

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Paint test is must or you might end up regretting later. Before you start painting cabinets, you must check that the stock is sufficient. Then you must test paint for its bonding capabilities if you do not want to land up in a situation when the paint is peeling off the laminate cabinet just after a few days.

Rather than putting in efforts in those redo hours, the better option is to spend a little time and efforts beforehand on the paint test. Paint a small patch on the cabinet and let it dry. If you spot bubbles in the paint coat, it clearly means the paint does not have good adhering properties. Right away, you can exchange it for a better one.

The ideal paint tool

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If you choose a paintbrush for painting a laminate cabinet, there is nothing wrong with your choice if you have that confidence. Painting with a brush demands a lot of expertise and precision or else you might end up seeing nothing but messy paintbrush strokes on the laminate cabinet. Therefore, a roller, a paint pad or a sprayer is a better option, as these ensure giving a streak-free paint finish.

Painting a laminate cabinet is certainly tougher than painting a door or any other wooden furnishing. However, knowing everything about paint selection, surface preparation and application makes the task easy.